7 Must Have Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

Floor CleanersWhether you are buying cleaning supplies for your home or janitorial products for business, skillful shopping is an art. While some may see this chore as just buying items on the shopping list, a person acquainted with the price and quality of products will disagree. A wise individual will always look for ways to save money and time on every purchase.

Time and money are the two most important factors influencing any purchase. Shopping for wholesale cleaning supplies online has become a hugely popular as it saves time, money and also enables the buyer to shop at his/her convenience. Here we look at the benefits of buying janitorial supplies online in bulk.

  • Online wholesale purchase of janitorial supplies saves money.
  • Bulk buying ensures that the supplies don’t run out that quick.
  • You can shop and arrange for delivery at your convenient time and date.
  • You can compare products of two brands easily.

7 Janitorial Supplies to Buy in Bulk:

Off all the cleaning items in a janitorial cart, there are some wholesale cleaning supplies which must be at hand all the time to sanitize a surface properly. Here are seven such janitorial products that a janitor needs frequently while cleaning a surface.


Disinfectant Spray Wholesale Supply

There are different kinds of disinfectants which eliminate harmful pathogens. Childcare centers, play-schools, therapy centers, hospitals, and a doctor’s office are more likely to experience rapid spread of germs compared to other establishments. Disinfectants come in various forms, such as liquid floor cleaners, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and many more. Furthermore, the use of disinfectants is not only limited to these, but also can be used for cleaning bathrooms, floors, reception areas, or any surface of an establishment.

Bathroom Cleaners

Floor cleaning products wholesale supply

Bathroom cleaning supplies is a must-have item for every commercial facility, regardless of its size. To maintain the highest standard of hygiene and to prevent any cross-contamination, bathrooms must be cleaned daily with effective cleaning supplies. Therefore, running out of these janitorial supplies is not an option for any business.

Floor Care Products

Maintaining a spotless and clean floor of a business facility requires continuous upkeep and routine cleaning. Dirt, mud, snow, and spills on the floor require additional cleaning over the daily cleaning routine of the surface. Floor care products, such as floor cleaners and floor waxes, are used in great quantity due to the frequency and amount in which it is used. Thus, effective floor care products must be included in the wholesale cleaning supplies checklist.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

All employees involved in the cleaning of a business facility must be provided with disposable gloves to maintain their well-being within the premises of a workplace. Disposable cleaning gloves are a type of Personal Protective Equipment used to protect the workers from the onslaught of harsh cleaning chemicals. Exposure to these cleaning chemicals can cause rashes and burns on the skin. Therefore, it is important to purchase single-use disposable gloves in bulk to maintain a safe cleaning practice.

Glass Cleaners

Glass Cleaners

Does your facility have a lot of glass surfaces? How often should you clean the glass windows, dividers, doors, or partitions? The answer varies from one business establishment to the other. If it is a hospital, both exterior and interior glass surfaces must be cleaned more than once a day, regularly. The extensive glass walls and windows get covered with grime and filth due to the exposure to dirt and debris over time. Glass cleaners are irreplaceable as these are made of a special formula to clean and add luster to a glass surface. Therefore, it is an item that must be included in the wholesale cleaning supplies list.


Many industries and business such as, grease manufacturers, commercial kitchens, automotive shops and many more deal with a high amount of grease every day. These industries use degreasers in huge quantity to keep the inner premises of the establishment clean and hygienic. For the uninitiated, a degreaser is a specially engineered chemical which cleans grease much more effectively compared to other cleaning compounds. For industries handling grease, degreasers are an indispensable item of the wholesale cleaning supplies list.

Air Fresheners

Air Refresheners

It has been scientifically proved that certain fragrances are capable of reducing stress and relaxing the muscles of our body. Thus, certain aromas or fragrances have a powerful and positive effect on the body when it triggers our smell memory. Air fresheners function the same way and help in getting rid of bad smells apart from lifting the spirit and brightening the mood of employees and visitors.

In Conclusion

Online shopping of wholesale cleaning supplies is a great way of stocking up these must-have janitorial items beforehand. The business will have to incur unnecessary downtime if you run out of stocks at the time of need. Bulk buying can help the business run efficiently and smoothly.

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