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Mobile Janitorial supply is the finest choice of maintenance professionals. We supply products such as Dispensers, Paper Products, Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment, Floor Sweep & Absorbents, Safety Supplies, Packaging Supplies, Vacuums & Accessories etc. Mobile Janitorial supply is the one stop solution for a variety of janitorial and miscellaneous supply needs. We strive to make the experience of ordering easy and non-stressful for our customers through our simple ordering process.

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SKU Name Unit Of Measure Unit Price Quantity ADD TO CART
AVE73721 self-adhesive media pockets, 10/pack PK $9.10
AVE75263 two-sided cd organizer sheets for three-ring binder, 5/pack PK $9.67  
BAU61801 cd pocket, clear/white, 5/pk PK $3.99  
CLGBNB208 cd/dvd expandable binder, holds 208 discs, black EA $29.67  
CLGBNB24 cd/dvd expandable binder, holds 24 discs, black EA $11.02  
CLGBNB48 cd/dvd expandable binder, holds 48 discs, black EA $15.26  
CLGCDP200 two-sided cd storage sleeves for ring binder, 25/pack PK $22.04  
CLGCDW128T cd/dvd wallet, holds 136 discs, black EA $21.19  
CLGCDW32 cd/dvd wallet, holds 32 discs, black EA $10.17  
CLGCDW64 cd/dvd wallet, holds 72 discs, black EA $16.95  
CLGEHDC101 portable hard drive case, molded eva, black EA $12.71  
CLGEVW24 molded eva cd/dvd wallet, holds 24 discs, blue EA $9.32  
CLGJDS2 usb drive shuttle, holds 2 usb drives, black EA $4.23  
CLGJDS2BBK usb drive shuttle, holds 2 usb drives, blue EA $4.23  
CLGJDS6 media shuttle, holds 6 usb drives, black EA $7.62  
CLGJDS6BBK media shuttle, holds 6 usb drives, blue EA $7.62  
CLGPSR100 two-sided prosleeve ii cd/dvd sleeves, 50/pack PK $14.41  
CLI61938 cd/dvd refillable d-ring binder kit, holds 80 discs, black EA $18.04  
CLI61948 deluxe cd ring binder storage pages, standard, stores 8 cds, 5/pk PK $5.91  
CLI61958 deluxe cd ring binder storage pages, standard, stores 4 cds, 10/pk PK $6.06  
CLI61988 deluxe individual cd/dvd holders, 50/bx BX $11.94  
CLI70568 self-adhesive cd holder, 5 1/3 x 5 2/3, 10/pk PK $4.14  
FEL5200501 imagelast laminating pouches with uv protection, 3mil, 11 1/2 x 9, 25/pack PK $13.59  
FEL90659 double-sided cd/dvd sleeves, 50/pk PK $12.79  
FEL90661 two-sided cd/dvd sleeve refills for softworks file, 25/pack PK $7.59  
FEL95304 cd/dvd protector sheets for three-ring binder, clear, 10/pack PK $18.39  
FEL95321 two-sided cd/dvd refill sheets for three-ring binder, 25/pack PK $39.19  
FEL96503 corrugated media file, holds 125 diskettes/35 standard cases, white/black EA $21.35  
FEL98316 slim jewel case, clear/black, 25/pack PK $17.59  
FEL98330 slim jewel case, clear/black, 50/pack PK $35.19  
FEL98335 slim jewel case, clear/black, 100/pack PK $44.79  
IDEFT07069 hanging cd pages, 15/pack PK $16.23  
IDESNS01521 media storage box, holds 60 slim/30 standard cases EA $5.83  
IDESNS01524 media storage box, holds 26 dvds in full-size dvd cases, black EA $7.43  
IDESNS01658 media storage box, holds 120 slim/60 standard cases EA $11.59  
IDEVZ01049 4-drawer cd file cabinet, holds 660 folders or 240 slim/120 standard cases EA $139.99  
IDEVZ01076 locking media binder, holds 200 discs, black EA $71.83  
IDEVZ01094 2-drawer cd file cabinet, holds 330 folders or 120 slim/60 standard cases, black EA $75.99  
IDEVZ01096 cd file folders, 100/pack PK $15.83  
IDEVZ01176 a-z cd file guides, 5 x 5 3/4, black EA $4.79  
IDEVZ01211 mesh storage bags, assorted colors, 4/pk PK $9.83  
IDEVZ01401 two-sided cd refill pages for three-ring binder, 25/pack PK $15.19  
IDEVZ01415 two-sided cd refill pages for three-ring binder, 50/pack PK $24.79  
IVR39300 cd/dvd three-ring refillable binder, holds 90 discs, midnight blue/clear EA $15.99  
IVR39301 two-sided cd/dvd pages for three-ring binder, 10/pack PK $8.37  
IVR39400 cd/dvd storage box, holds 100 discs, clear EA $23.99  
IVR39402 self-adhesive cd/dvd sleeves, 10/pack PK $5.47  
IVR39403 cd/dvd envelopes, clear window, white, 50/pack PK $4.40  
IVR39404 cd/dvd envelopes with clear window, assorted colors, 50/pack PK $8.38  
IVR39501 cd/dvd storage drawer, holds 150 discs, light gray EA $31.99  
IVR39502 cd/dvd storage case, holds 150 discs, clear/smoke EA $13.39  
IVR39701 cd/dvd pockets, 25/pack PK $9.21  
IVR72810 standard dvd case, black, 10/pack PK $7.19