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Mobile Janitorial supply is the finest choice of maintenance professionals. We supply products such as Dispensers, Paper Products, Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment, Floor Sweep & Absorbents, Safety Supplies, Packaging Supplies, Vacuums & Accessories etc. Mobile Janitorial supply is the one stop solution for a variety of janitorial and miscellaneous supply needs. We strive to make the experience of ordering easy and non-stressful for our customers through our simple ordering process.

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SKU Name Unit Of Measure Unit Price Quantity ADD TO CART
ABALEDTOUCH led touch desk lamp with touch dimmer, 2w x 21h, dark silver EA $143.20
ALELED902B led desk lamp with interchangeable base or clamp, 21 3/4" high, black EA $56.00  
ALELED912B twin-arm task led lamp with usb port, 18 1/2" high, black EA $55.20  
ALELED927G curve led lamp, smart-touch, 11 1/2" high, graphite gray EA $55.20  
ALELED932B led task lamp, 17" high, black EA $39.20  
ALELED933B led task lamp, clamp-on, 14 1/4" high, black EA $39.20  
ALELEDM765B clamp-on, 3 diopter led desktop magnifier, 19" high, black EA $60.00  
ALELEDUC12B under cabinet led strip lamp, 12" wide, black EA $39.20  
ALELEDUC24B under cabinet led strip lamp, 24" wide, black EA $55.20  
ALELMP517AB traditional banker's lamp w/usb, 16"high, amber glass shade w/antique brass base EA $79.20  
ALELMP537BZ traditional banker's lamp, 16"high, amber shade with antique bronze base EA $63.20  
ALELMP557AB traditional banker's lamp, green glass shade, antique brass base, 14"h EA $55.20  
ALELMP603B architect desk lamp, adjustable arm, 22" high, black EA $39.20  
ALELMP702B architect lamp, adjustable, clamp-on, 28" high, black EA $39.20  
ALELMP832B task lamp, 16" high, black EA $31.20  
ALELMP833B task lamp, clip-on, 14" high, black EA $31.20  
ALELMPD28B full spectrum "daylight" architect lamp, 25" high, matte black EA $55.20  
ALELMPF52B torchier floor lamp, 72" high, black EA $79.20  
ALELMPF72B floor lamp, 71" high, translucent plastic shade, black EA $71.20  
ALELMPM745B full spectrum clamp-on magnifier, adjustable, 36" high, matte black EA $87.20  
GEL10143 18" fluorescent tubes, 15 watts, 6/pack PK $49.06  
GEL18274 rough service incandescent worklight bulb, a21, 75 w, 1230 lm EA $3.21  
GEL18275 rough service incandescent worklight bulb, a21, 100 w, 1230 lm EA $3.21  
GEL20331 incandescent reflector bulb, 65 watts EA $9.48  
GEL24705 incandescent indoor floodlight bulbs w/reflector, 65 watts, 130 volt, 6/carton CT $33.00  
GEL27313 garage & basement bulb 60 watt t12, 24/carton CT $427.62  
GEL33774 fluorescent circular tube, 22 watt EA $13.13  
GEL33890 garage & basement circline 32 watt t9 circline EA $11.12  
GEL34708 general use bi-pin halogen bulb, 35 watts EA $13.67  
GEL35156 incandescent globe bulb, 40 watts EA $5.07  
GEL45757 garage & basement 25 watt t8, 36"x 1", cool white, 24/carton CT $199.06  
GEL48692 incandescent reflector floodlight, 65 watts EA $16.86  
GEL62706 energy-efficient halogen bulb, 90 watts, crisp white EA $17.55  
GEL63003 halogen a-line bulb, a19, 750 lm, 2/pack PK $7.19  
GEL63004 halogen a-line bulb, a19, 75 watts, 2/pack PK $7.55  
GEL63005 halogen a-line bulb, a19, 100 watts, 2/pack PK $7.55  
GEL63006 halogen a-line bulb, a19, 325 lm, 2/pack PK $8.79  
GEL63023 energy smart dimmable led bulb, par20, 7 watts EA $73.03  
GEL63504 compact fluorescent bulb, a21, soft white EA $15.92  
GEL65386 soft white a-line led light bulb, a19, 13 watts EA $79.99  
GEL66247 halogen bulb, globe, 43 watts, soft white, 4/pack PK $9.48  
GEL66248 energy-efficient soft white 53 watt a19, 4/pack PK $9.10  
GEL66280 energy-efficient halogen 60 watt par38 floodlight, 2/pack PK $30.38  
GEL66282 energy-efficient halogen 90 watt par38 floodlight, 2/pack PK $30.38  
GEL66529 energy smart led 12 watt par38 floodlight EA $67.47  
GEL66649 fluorescent tube, 34 watts, cool white EA $14.40  
GEL66651 t12 fluorescent utility bulb, 40 watts, 48" x 1.6", cool white, 18/carton CT $84.15  
GEL66652 fluorescent tube, 40 watts, cool white, 2/pack PK $17.88  
GEL66653 fluorescent tube, 40 watts, sunshine, 2/pack PK $17.88  
GEL66654 fluorescent tube, 40 watts, daylight, 2/pack PK $17.88  
GEL66655 fluorescent tube, 40 watts, soft white, 2/pack PK $17.88