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Mobile Janitorial supply is the finest choice of maintenance professionals. We supply products such as Dispensers, Paper Products, Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment, Floor Sweep & Absorbents, Safety Supplies, Packaging Supplies, Vacuums & Accessories etc. Mobile Janitorial supply is the one stop solution for a variety of janitorial and miscellaneous supply needs. We strive to make the experience of ordering easy and non-stressful for our customers through our simple ordering process.

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SKU Name Unit Of Measure Unit Price Quantity ADD TO CART
AVT91183 led key carabiner, aluminum, black, 5/pack PK $19.99
BGT10500 industrial heavy-duty flashlight, 2d (sold separately), yellow/black EA $7.07  
BGT14460 worksafe waterproof flashlight, 2d (sold separately), orange/black EA $11.85  
EVEENFAT41E fusion 3-in-1 flashlight, led, black/orange, 4 aa batteries EA $31.99  
EVEENFFL81E fusion folding lantern, led, black/silver/orange, 4 or 8 aa batteries EA $36.79  
EVEENRUB21E rubber flashlight, 2 aa, large EA $11.19  
EVEENRUB22E rubber flashlight, 2 aaa, small EA $7.99  
EVEEPMHH21E metal led flashlight, 2 aa, chrome EA $19.19  
EVEEPMZH21E vision hd, 2 aa, silver EA $19.99  
EVEEPMZH61E vision hd, aa, metal EA $22.07  
EVEEVFL45S readyflex floating lantern, 2 d, yellow/black EA $6.63  
EVEEVM5511S led economy flashlight, aa/d, black/blue/red EA $11.99  
EVEHCAL41E hard case work flashlight w/4 aa batteries, black EA $29.66  
EVEHDA32E led headlight, 3 aaa, blue EA $19.20  
EVEHDB32E led headlight, 3 aaa, red EA $24.60  
EVEL152S led economy flashlight, red/blue, 2/pack PK $7.99  
EVEPLED23AEH aluminum pen led flashlight, 2 aaa, black EA $10.17  
EVERCL1NM2WR rechargeable led flashlight, 1 nimh, silver/gray EA $14.00  
FHCF400 votive candles, 10 hour burn, 1-1/3"h, white, 72/pack CT $83.50  
FHCF460FWH victorian filled glass candles, 60 hour burn, 3 3/4"h, frost white CT $40.66  
FHCF525 liquid wax fuel cell, 42 hour burn time, 2 7/16 in, clear, 36/carton CT $91.48  
LGT65018 stylus led pen light, 3aaaa (sold separately), black EA $18.58  
LGT68202 propolymer led flashlight, 4aa (included), yellow/black EA $34.54  
LGT68244 propolymer c4 lux led flashlight, 4aa (included), yellow EA $47.26  
LGT68602 propolymer lux led flashlight, 4aa (included), yellow EA $51.21  
LGT74302 strion led rechargeable flashlight, 3.75v lithium-ion, 120v ac/dc charger, black EA $175.82  
LGT75014 stinger rechargeable flashlight, 3.6v nicad, 120v ac/dc charger, black EA $154.86  
MGLM2A016 mini aa flashlight, 2aa (included), black EA $14.22  
MGLM2A01H mini aa flashlight w/ holster, 2aa (included), black KT $18.02  
MGLS2D016 standard flashlight, 2d (sold separately), black EA $28.63  
MGLS3D016 standard flashlight, 3d (sold separately), black EA $29.70  
MGLS4D016 standard flashlight, 4d (sold separately), black EA $30.63  
MGLSP2201H mini led flashlight, 2aa (included), black EA $25.76  
RAY2AALEDB flashlight, rubber & aluminum, 3 v, led, red/black, 2 aa EA $9.02  
RAYDIY3AAABC virtually indestructible led flashlight, 3 aaa, black EA $24.82  
RAYDIY3DLNBC indestructible led 3-d lantern, 3 d batteries, black EA $31.99  
RAYDIYHL3AAABCT virtually indestructible led headlight, 3 aaa, black EA $23.59  
RAYEFL6VBA value bright lantern, krypton bulb, 6v, assorted colors EA $7.30  
RAYI2AAAPENBD industrial led pen light, 2 aaa batteries, machined aluminum, 1.5 v EA $6.79  
RAYI2DBULKD industrial tough flashlight, krypton bulb, yellow/black EA $5.74  
RAYRNT3AAAB led aluminum flashlight, 3 aaa, black EA $26.39  
RAYSE4W3CA sportsman xtreme led, titanium EA $27.10  
RAYSP8DTP4 lantern, fluorescent bulb, black EA $32.50  


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