Top 6 Cleaning Jobs That Help You Burn Calories

Learning about calories and how they burn off through physical exercise is helpful to refining your diet. You can keep track of your caloric intake with a calorie counter. The following activities are things you can do around the house that burn off calories.

Here are top 6 cleaning jobs that help you burn calories too:

1. Washing Clothes by Hand.
You will burn 65 calories every 15 minutes. You will be reducing the use of fossil fuel and helping the environment at the same time.

2. Cleaning Windows by Hand.
A 60 minute job can burn off over 200 calories. It’s good to make window cleaning part of a regular schedule so that you always have clear windows.

3. Making Your Bed.
Making your bed over a 20 minute period can burn off about 72 calories. Switching linens and pillow cases can be a fun period to free your mind and use creative energy.

4. Cleaning up Your Room.
Organizing your room for a half hour can work off over 150 calories. Making your belongings easier to find will save you time in the future.

5. Mopping the Floor.
Mopping the floor for an hour can work off 114 calories. It should be part of a regular schedule to make sure you always have spotless floors. It also helps exercise muscles throughout your body.

6. Wallpaper or Paint Your Home’s Interior.
Just one hour of either painting walls or covering walls with wallpaper can burn off 215 calories. Painting and wallpapering can be major projects that take several weeks to complete.

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