Top 3 Cleaning Checklist Every Restaurant Kitchen Needs

If you’re a restaurant manager or owner you know how important running a clean ship really is. When it comes to how your actual restaurant customers see your place, the benefits of cleanliness are obvious. In the kitchen though, cleanliness is even more important for food safety, health, and reputation of your restaurant.

Cleaning at Restaurant Kitchen

To make sure your restaurant kitchen is as clean as it can be you should make checklists that you and your staff follow for cleaning.

Use these 3 checklists to make sure your kitchen is perfect for the health inspector and nobody ever gets sick eating in your restaurant.

Remember to always keep cleaning supplies on hand as well. Running out of cleaning supplies in a restaurant is a bad idea.

  1. Daily Checklist
    Some areas of the kitchen need daily cleaning because of heavy use. These procedures should be done each day.

    • Clean food prep areas
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Washing pots, pans and utensils
    • Removing trash
    • Cleaning grills, swapping fryer oil, etc.
  2. Weekly Checklist
    While you don’t need to make kitchen cleaning effort daily, some weekly cleaning is ideal if you want your restaurant kitchen in tip-top shape year round. Do these things on a weekly basis to make your cleaning easier.

    • Cleaning the ovens
    • Using drain cleaner to remove clogs in floor drains
    • Cleaning coffee and ice machines
    • Scrubbing down refrigerators and coolers
  3. Monthly Checklist
    Finally, there are some things you need to do in your restaurant kitchen on a monthly basis to keep it clean. They’re often deep-cleaning jobs, so make sure you give yourself time to do them before or after a busy day.

    • Cleaning exhaust hoods
    • Washing fryers
    • Wiping down and washing dry storage areas
    • Moving and washing behind stoves and heavy appliances
    • Scrubbing the walk-in refrigerator and reach-in areas thoroughly

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  1. Thanks for going over some things that should be prioritized in cleaning. As an outsider, it’s really interesting to see what types of cleaning checks a restaurant needs to do and how frequently, like how exhaust hoods should only be cleaned monthly. I think it would be interesting to learn how they go about cleaning these things, and whether they do it themselves or if they hire some help so that they can focus on the productivity of the restaurant.

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