The Different Types of Mop Buckets and Wringers for Your Business

Having a clean and spotless business place is very essential to ensure a highly productive environment. Everybody likes to work in a tidy and hygienic atmosphere. But keeping your trading place completely free from dirt and germs is quite a challenging task. With the availability of mop buckets and wringers, however, it has become much easier to maintain cleanliness within your business premises.

A mop bucket and a wringer are an indispensable part of the cleaning toolkit that every business place must own so as to carry out regular cleaning. Here, you will find details about the various types of mop buckets and wringers to help you select the right one for your workplace.

Different Parts of a Mop Bucket

It is important to be familiar with the basic parts of a mop bucket, with their variations and options available, before knowing which one will suit your needs.

1. Wringer

For any business area, safety is one of the foremost priorities that need attention. Wiping up the excess water from the office floor will create a safe working environment for the employees, as well as the clients who might visit the premises. The advantageous side of wringer on the bucket is that it comes to aid in pressing out the extra water from the wet mop. This helps to keep the floors dry and non-slippery. The most popular are plastic wringers, that are economical too. But metal wringers are a more durable option that ensures longevity. However, these are costlier and can corrode if the metal wringers are not dried after use.

2. Bucket

The mop buckets are provided with wheels to transport soapy water without the risk of spilling and dripping, which may sometimes happen when the bucket is carried by hand. You should choose the right bucket size as per the needs of your organization. It should be noted that the larger is the size of the mop bucket, the lesser time is required to drain out water and refill it.

3. Mopping Trolley

Perfect for maneuvering, mop buckets with a wringer set on a trolley offers proper control while pushing it around long halls. Those who have difficulties in bending over or pushing heavy objects will find these mop buckets highly convenient due to the presence of a high handle. This enables them to control the bucket more easily.

4. Dirty Water Bucket

Some cleaning buckets with wringers have a dirty water bucket to keep separate the untidy water from the clean. This attribute of these mop buckets requires fewer water changes, apart from increasing its efficiency. These types of mop buckets are ideal for use in large commercial enterprises.

Various Kinds of Wringers

There are different varieties of wringers found in the market, that are listed below.

Reverse Press Wringers

These types of wringers are found in a compact design that fits inside the mop bucket. Reverse press wringers provide utility benefits, being comfortable to use and employing a simple mechanism. These require more pressure other than down press while in use.

Funnel-Type Wringers

This kind of wringer offers easy and efficient wringing without the requirement to press. Funnel-type wringers do not involve any metal or moving parts in their construction. This is a very significant feature when utilized for cleaning business establishments, where safety is a primary concern. These are designed to provide additional control over the dampness of the mop. This cost-effective option is ideal for smaller working environments.

Down Press Wringer

This wringer facilitates an easy grip as the handle is located above the mop bucket. As a result, there is no need to bend or to pull, which is advantageous for those who have back issues. This down press wringer is designed in such a way that it is extremely effective at releasing water. This easy-to-use wringer provides extra control over the amount of water pushed out of the mop.

Side Press Wringer

In this form of the wringer, the handle is placed on the side, which facilitates easy operation. It requires no pulling or bending while in use. The user-oriented side press wringer has a high handle that allows for trouble-free and easy usage.

The Ideal Mop Bucket and Wringer for Your Business Organization

From the different types of wringers defined above, make sure that you choose the right one for your business. For your convenience, find below the ideal wringer type for varied kinds of business organizations.

Funnel-type Wringer – This kind of wringer is great for use in daily cleaning to manage spills in break rooms or hallways. A funnel-type wringer is a right option for small businesses with less square foot area and low traffic. It is free from metals, making it perfect for use in healthcare institutions and in correctional homes.

Reverse Press Wringer – This economical wringer supplies more power than a funnel-type wringer. It is cheaper than other forms of press wringers. Reverse press wringers are suitable for larger business organizations encompassing a large area, and where a number of spills and stains need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Side Press Wringer – This wringer is ideal for larger establishments, in high traffic areas that experience frequent spills and stains, and need immediate cleaning. Side press wringers are very effective for heavy handling, and for commercial use, such as in restaurants and bars.

Down Press Wringer – A perfect wringer for institutions and restaurants that are dependent upon food safety and sanitation guidelines. These types of wringers are highly durable and provide more power in comparison to other press wringers. Down press wringers are suitable for cleaning between meals, wiping up large spills, bodily fluids, external contaminants, and for maintaining kitchen sanitation.

Concluding Note

It is essential to keep high-quality janitorial equipment and related accessories within the premises of a business place. Always go for the best quality while selecting your mop bucket and wringer, and ensure that the highest levels of hygiene is maintained in your business enterprise.

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