Survey on Paper Towels & Hand Dryers : Which one to Buy?

Which hand wash method is right – paper towels or hand drying? This dilemma is common in many of us. To end this dilemma, Mobile Janitorial Supplies conducted a survey. This survey studied 2,048 U.S. adults (age of 18 or above). It found that most of the Americans prefer to use paper towel over hand dryer in the public restrooms.

We all know the importance of hand drying in hand hygiene. This study, however, showed that wet hands help the germs to spread easily. That is why everyone should dry their hands after washing them. It drives the bacteria away and reduces the spread of infectious diseases. Why do people rely more on paper towel than hand dryer? Five possible reasons behind this preference as per the survey are listed below.

Data Found by the Study

  • According to 70% people, paper towels dry hand better than hand dryers
  • According to 69% people, paper towel takes less time to dry hands than hand dryer
  • 52% people prefer paper towel because they can open the door of restroom with it to avoid the germs gathered on the doorstep.
  • 24% people avoid dryers because they blow bacteria.
  • 22% people think that air dryers are too loud.

This study found that preference of paper towel or air dryers depends on age and gender as well. Check out the data found by our experts:

  • Age

76% of Americans belonging to the age group of 35-44 tend to use paper towels while only 60% people of 18-34 age group tend to use paper towel.

  • Gender

73% American women rely on paper towels while only 60% men use paper towel.

Other Advantages of Paper Towels Found by the Study

  • You would be surprised to know that paper towels are good for the health of the restroom users’ ears as well. Even the impact of the jet hand dryers on the ears are quite similar to that of close-range pneumatic drill. This kind of sound is dangerous, for the children in particular, because most of the air dryers are placed at the same height as a child’s head.
  • Use of paper towel is convenient and easy. Towels are best for the public use. A paper towel dispenser will help the users use the towel with ease.
  • Nowadays, paper towels are manufactured in such a way that they can soak the water quickly and disintegrate into fibers.
  • Paper towels are made of natural ingredients which are not harmful for our skin. Disposable paper towels minimize the chance of getting users’ hands on the microbes and bacteria. Ordinary clothes do not provide you such cleanliness.

It is clear from this data that the majority of the American population prefer a quick but hygienic public restroom experience. Janitorial supplies like paper towels removes bacteria from the hands. Air dryers, on the other hand, increase them and lead to further contamination of your clean hands and hands of other restroom users up to six feet away.

Benefits of Hand Dryers Found by the Study

Electric hand dryer requires less energy and the production of hand dryer does not require a number of natural resources. In other words, usage of hand dryers minimize the amount of solid waste going to the landfills. In this way, hand dryer ultimately reduces the disposal and maintenance cost.

A Final Takeaway

As per the study, paper towels are far more popular in U.S. society than the air dryers. This preference is made on a number of facts which hopefully are not unknown to you now. Which one you will use is a matter of choice. The aim of this study was to observe the general tendency of people. Don’t forget that your selection of janitorial supplies can have impact on your health. A healthy life is not all about a healthy diet, rather, you should take care of every little thing to make your life healthy and meaningful. Both the advantages and drawbacks of these two elements are discussed in this study. Now, it’s up to you! Think Logically, live healthy!

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