10 School Cleaning Tips for the Summer Using the Right Janitorial Supplies

Summers are always fun and both teachers and students look forward to it to get a much-required break from the usual school schedule. Unfortunately, this is never the case with your school janitorial service provider.

The janitorial service providers are required to clean the entire school, starting from the big classrooms to the smallest accessories, during this period of the year. A lot of schools include this cleaning schedule in their routine but fail to design and follow an effective school cleaning plan. You need to understand that having the right janitorial supplies is not enough to keep your school fully neat and clean.

Before you ask your school janitorial service provider to pick up the mops, squeegees, brooms, dust pans and get started, make sure to design a cleaning road map first. If you don’t know much about getting your school premises cleaned the right way, then read on.

School Cleaning Tips

Tips to Clean Schools in Summer Using the Right Janitorial Supplies

Here is a list of the 10 most effective tips that can help you make the most out of your summer school cleaning plan.

1. Have an Explicit and Clear Cleaning Plan

Cleaning a school is no cakewalk and it can never be done with perfection without a robust cleaning road map. If you have given the responsibility of cleaning an entire school to a janitorial service company, then you must find the time to design an effective cleaning plan with them. If the cleaning work starts without any plan, with the janitor randomly cleaning any part of the school he wants, you can rest assured that the entire cleaning effort will fail miserably. It is therefore better to arrange for a meet, prioritize the cleaning needs, and get everything started in an organized manner.

2. Give Special Importance to Floor Cleaning

Floors are one of the most dirt-filled areas that need to be cleaned with the utmost precision and care. With hundreds of students walking and running over the same floor wearing dirty shoes, the floors of the school become one of the most infected areas. Summer is undoubtedly the best season to get rid of those bacteria and germs by cleaning and scrubbing the floors using mops and other floor cleaning equipment and supplies.

3. Go Ahead With Deep Cleaning of All the Restrooms

Believe it or not, the restrooms get dirty during the school season at an unimaginable rate. Not cleaning the restrooms properly can make your students vulnerable to different infections or diseases. During the summer season, when the students and teachers are not around and the janitor has a large empty restroom free of rush, he can easily get those germs out and make the place squeaky clean. While planning for an effective summer cleanup plan, prioritize the toilets and the restrooms in your plan.

4. Check Whether or Not the Janitorial Supplies are Clean

The best way to determine whether the janitor will efficiently clean up the entire school or not, is by checking the cleanliness of his own janitorial closet. Should you allow dirty mops to be used for floor cleaning, or a broken dustpan to pick up the dirt particles from the corners? Definitely, you should not. Checking the quality and condition of the janitorial supplies is of immense importance if you want your school to get cleaned properly.

5. Evaluate the Cleaning Equipment Thoroughly

To reduce overhead expenses, a lot of janitors keep on using cleaning equipment that are either out of date or need some serious repair work. Before the summer cleaning work starts, make sure you check all the equipment to determine whether all of it is fit for being used or not. This will contribute greatly towards the summer school cleaning plan.

6. Get Those Long-Awaited Preventive Measures Back Into Action

With so many students around, the schools cannot take the risk of conducting thorough checks of all the electrical, plumbing, and other fittings. They need to ensure the students’ safety first, so conducting risky checkups is usually avoided, except when it is extremely necessary. Make sure you ask your school janitors to check the relevant appliances and fittings properly.

7. Adopt More Green Cleaning Initiatives

The reason you should focus on adopting green cleaning initiatives is that they are not only cost-effective but also more efficient and environmentally friendly. Green cleaning initiatives will make your school clean alongside maintaining a safe environment for all your students, teachers, and other staff members.

8. Compare and Redesign Your Cleaning Programs

School cleaning programs are run every year in almost every school. One common mistake that most people make is to continue following the same programs without even reviewing the performance of the previous plans. Before going ahead with this year’s cleaning program, check whether the last summer cleanup program gave the desired results or not. If you feel that some changes can be made for better performance, then go ahead with redesigning the entire program. Same programs will always give the same results, whereas modified ones might give you better results.

9. Get Your Janitors Trained for This Season

With changing times, a lot of other things change as well. New janitorial supplies and equipment are introduced each year for a better cleaning process. By getting your school janitors trained by professionals, you can rest assured of getting your school cleaned the right way this summer season. Don’t just train them to clean efficiently, but also train them well enough so that they can design cleaning programs on their own.

10. Hire a Reliable Janitorial Service Company

If you feel training your school janitors won’t be of much help to you then hire a reliable janitorial service company for professional cleaning services. They employ trained professionals who know about the latest janitorial supplies and can use them efficiently and effectively. Therefore, they are sure to give you the required results.

There are a lot of ways to effectively clean your school premises this summer. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can surely manage to get your school cleaned the right way.

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