Post-Christmas Cleaning up Tips for Workplaces

Office Christmas parties are one of the most awaited events of the year. The occasion is a fun way of enjoying the festivities away from the constant work pressure. The employees get a chance to let their hair down and develop a more personal camaraderie with the colleagues. Although hosting an office party can be a stressful affair, cleaning up afterward can be terribly overwhelming.

Unlike house parties, Christmas decorations cannot be left hanging for long inside the office space, after the party is done and dusted with. The workplace must be wiped down and the vestiges of the amazing Christmas party must be cleaned off to restore its formal décor, once more. The work is as tiresome as it sounds and is something that you don’t look forward too, especially after the end of festivities.

However, no matter how much we want to skip that part, post-Christmas office party cleanup is essential to maintain hygiene and abide by the internal sanitation policies of the organization.

Importance of Post-Christmas Office Party Cleanup:

Immersed in the excitement of arranging the office Christmas gathering, post-party cleanup is the last thing office managers have in their mind. However, given that the festive season coincides with common cold and flu period of the year, it is important to clean the office space of the Christmas party clutter to prevent the spreading of harmful pathogens.

It is crucial to prioritize post-Christmas cleaning to prevent the employees from becoming a victim of infections and colds and leading to staff shortage after a major holiday. A thorough cleaning process using the right cleaning supplies can prevent such situations from arising. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona, for instance, uncovered that a single sick worker is capable of spreading the bacteria easily in the office premises. Common surfaces which are constantly touched by all employees, such as doorknobs, coffee pot handles, telephones, and many more, act as a carrier of these pathogens and aids in the spreading of the harmful microorganisms.

Post-Christmas Office Party Cleanup Checklist

Efficacious cleaning of office space to wash away the germs left behind during the Christmas party can only be accomplished with the right janitorial supplies. Different type of dirt requires different cleaning supplies. Therefore it is important to choose them accordingly, keeping in mind what kind of dirt it is being applied to. Discussed below is an office cleaning checklist, which will effectively aid in the post-Christmas cleaning of the office premises.

  • Upright Vacuums

  • Microfiber Dust Cloth

  • Dust Mop

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Sanitizer and Disinfectant

  • Insecticides
  • Squeegees

  • Scrapers

  • Trash Bin Liners

  • Disposable Protective Gloves

Cleaning a commercial space especially in the aftermath of a Christmas party can be a both tedious and stressful. Thus, it is your responsibility to make sure that the janitorial cart is stocked with the right cleaning supplies before the maintenance team starts the process. Running around to get the necessary supplies while cleaning, not only breaks the work flow but can be very frustrating as well. Hence, the management must locate a wholesale janitorial supply near the office premises so that the supplies can be quickly delivered in times of emergency.

Post-Christmas Party Cleanup Tips for Office Spaces

Post-Christmas party commercial cleaning can be a tough job to do if one jumps in it without prior planning and preparation. The cleaning tips discussed below will make the work comparatively easier if followed efficiently.

  • Plan and Prioritize:

Cleaning commercial places are not the same as cleaning someone’s house. The huge area poses the first hurdle during the cleansing process. Thus, it is best to plan and prioritize which area would be cleaned first before starting the work. It is also advisable to ensure that there is 1:1 janitor and cleaning area ratio while allotting the task to the cleaning crew. Furthermore, each job role must be time-bound so as to make sure that the cleaning process does not stretch for days at an end.

  • Clean the Clutter:

Once the loose clutter is out of the sight, the janitors will be left with a huge dirty space that requires extensive cleaning. Thus, it is recommended to clear out the disposable cups and plates to empty the surfaces that need to be wiped down.

  • Assign Separate Trash Cans for Dry and Wet Waste Materials:

While you are cleaning out the clutter, it’s better not to throw all the waste products in one trash can. Allotting separate trash cans for dry and wet waste materials initially will simplify the work process. It will also save time and will eliminate the need of isolating the trash at the end of the cleaning process.

  • Stock Up the Cleaning Cart with the Right Janitorial Supplies:

Lack of supplies during the cleaning process is not only annoying but also tends to break the workflow and concentration of the cleaning staff. It is better to match the cleaning cart supplies with the checklist mentioned earlier to ensure that the janitors have all the provisions in abundance before they go about their work.

  • Cleanse, Sanitize, and Disinfect:

The above-mentioned terms are different aspects of effective cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, the job roles of the three are similar but not the same. Cleansing removes bacteria and other harmful pathogens from the surface, sanitation lowers the counts of germs, and disinfectant kills these microorganisms permanently. Thus, it is essential that the cleaning crew knows and understands the difference between these three concepts and uses them judiciously to do their work.

Final Takeaway:

Post-Christmas cleaning up for office spaces is necessary to ensure highest possible hygienic standards for the employees working in the organization. Armed with a correct approach and right janitorial supplies, you can smoothly get this daunting task done. Furthermore, a clean office space also motivates the employees to get back to their work after enjoying a long spell of festivities.

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