Pick the Right Mop Bucket for a Smart & Effective Cleaning Program

You do everything for your facility just like a mother, who can do anything for her child, right? You offer best services to your clients, recruit the best employees, organize every meeting systematically. It’s really good. But do you care about the cleanliness? Look at your facility. Does it offer a healthy environment where your employees can spend long hours to assure optimal productivity for your establishment? It is true that keeping a business clean is a daunting task. But it can be easier if you choose right kind of cleaning supplies.

There are two methods of cleaning a facility. First, you can buy cleaning supplies and recruit skilled cleaning staff for regular maintenance, or you can hire a professional cleaning service for the task. If you want to go with the first option, you need to pick the cleaning products by yourself and the choice should be wise and smart. Mop buckets are an integral part of the entire cleaning activity.

In this article, I am going to discuss how you can pick the right kind of mop buckets for your facility.

Parts of a Mop Bucket

Before going for purchase, it is very important to know the parts of a mop bucket. Let’s check out the brief description on each of the parts.

Mopping Handles

A wide variety of mopping handles is available in the market including

  • The Alligator Clip Handle

Alligator clip handle has plastic jaws with teeth that keep the mop in the right place. It can be tightened and loosened by a twist lock that you can find on the top of the handle. It is really long-lasting.

  • The Thread-Through Handle

Thread-through handle has two bars that you will find closed when it will thread a 24-to 32-ounce mop head. It has some other units having a breakaway feature that makes it durable. But, this kind of handle is a bit messy.

  • The Metal Clip Handle

Metal clip handles possess a springy metal clip that you can open to attach a wet mop head. With this handle, you can swap out the mop heads easily. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to keep the mops in the right places due to the weakness of some units.


Safety should be your first priority. In order to execute the task of cleaning safely, you need to keep excess water off the floor during the cleaning process. It will give your employees and the guests a safer environment. A wringer on the mop bucket allows you to keep the excess water put off the wet mop easily. Though plastic wringers are more reasonable, metal wringers are comparatively more long-lasting.


You can use the buckets on wheels to transport hot and soapy water without spilling and dripping. You should choose the size of the bucket keeping in your mind the square footage of the area you need to clean.

Dirty Water Bucket

There are some mop buckets with which you can get a dirty water bucket which is meant for keeping away the solid water from the clean and soapy water. It enhances the efficiency and makes the cleaning process easier.

Mopping Trolley

A mopping trolley helps you carry your mop buckets with control and precision whenever you are pushing down long hallways. The high handle is really helpful for your staffs who can’t bend over or push flexible.

Signs & Accessories

When cleaning activities are going on, it would be better to make your employees and visitors avoid that particular area as it could be slippery. To avoid any mishap, you can use signs to warn the people. Apart from these, you can try various accessories such as a plastic double pail, adapter hose etc to make the cleaning quick and proper.

Wet Floor Sign With Mop


A Final Takeaway

A little consciousness can make our surrounding better and healthy. We all know that a better and healthy surrounding can double the productivity of our facility. Don’t forget that our little effort can bring a great change. Cleaning may seem to be a trivial affair, but it is not in reality. If you fail to provide your employees with a healthy environment, they can fall sick and sickness will increase the rate of absence. Doesn’t it affect the productivity? So, let’s start our cleaning mission with mop buckets.

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