Organization Cleanliness and Hygiene: 5 Myths and Their Realities

Any organization is an enclave of a number of individuals. Workplace is the second home for them. Maintaining personal as well as surrounding hygiene is utmost important for the time spent by each employee in it. Any unhygienic condition invites germs and diseases that may spread at home and also hamper the work efficiency.

Maintaining a clean organization is many a times misguided by a few myths that we need to shed today. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Knowing Signifies Doing

The minimum expectation from any employee is knowledge of keeping one self and surrounding clean. Many educative sessions on maintaining hygiene can be arranged for the employees but this particular education cannot be injected forcibly. It is a matter of one’s own consciousness. Still, organizations should take some initiatives. The employees need to be reminded from time to time to practice essential cleanliness habits. Cameras should be installed everywhere for surveillance. It should be mandatory for every employee to fill some cleanliness related questionnaires. Cleanliness staff should have strict directions of using disposable gloves and other janitorial supplies.

  1. Good Name Brings along Good Hygiene

There is a common belief that branded products bring about the level of cleanliness that is defined on them. The janitorial supplies ecosystem is at present in a state of cut throat competition. New companies are emerging with more variety of products. The older ones are reviving the already existing ones though chemically there is no change. Any organization should not be fooled by these gimmicks. Most trusted and effected products should be used. Also, whether the product is old or new, a good cleanliness regime should be followed for maintaining the best hygiene in the surrounding.

  1. Only Cleaners are Enough

Cleaning the floors, windows, different daily used products and using disinfectants are few of the general cleanliness routines of any organization. Many of us have been living with the myth that using commercial cleaning supplies and cleaners properly is the sole way to achieve absolute cleanliness. But hygiene and cleanliness in any organization has a higher sense attached to it. Use of proper disposable gloves, masks, necessary janitorial products and uniform by the cleaning staff on daily basis is one of the basic steps towards maintaining hygiene. Different cleaning tools and supporting products like doormats and vacuum cleaners should be employed. There is no alternative for ventilation and there should be some arrangements for the fresh air to circulate. If required, once in a while professional cleaning services should be hired.

  1. Management is Solely Responsible

This myth generally occupies most of the employees. They consider their workplace as the place to earn money in lieu of their efforts. Anything happening at the workplace is not their concern. An employee spends equal time at home and office. So, ideally they should not only contribute in maintaining a hygienic surrounding but also encourage and report such acts. Every organization should have dedicated and easily accessible portals and offices for cleanliness. They should be easily accessible so that reporting does not consume productive time of any employee and discourage them. Every member of the organization should be well equipped with the knowledge and procedure of reporting. Management should spread the message that anyone at any designation is most welcome with any cleanliness related complains, feedback and new ideas. In fact, new ideas should be encouraged with rewards.

  1. Creating Cleanliness Department is All We Need

Organizations are generally smitten with the different environmental certifications and maintaining brand names. Once a dedicated department for cleanliness and hygiene is formed, all the commercial cleaning supplies are purchased and necessary guidelines are followed, the management can take a back seat. Often this is considered a onetime activity followed only during audits, certifications, safety and cleanliness weeks. This is a very incorrect routine. Cleanliness in an organization is not even monthly but daily affair. Internal surprise audits and award ceremonies should be organized to encourage the cleanliness staff. This department should be abide by the guidelines and instructions provided by Occupational Safety and Health Administration or SHA.


Clean environment in an organization cannot be achieved with the efforts of only a handful or use of commodities like commercial cleaning supplies or disposable gloves. It is the result of a collaborative effort. Every organization, before implementing any hygiene maintenance practice, should focus on educating employees. Only an aware employee can bring about more awareness in the surrounding and contributes towards overall growth.

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