Most Effective Window Cleaning Tips to Get a Better Living

Rarely, I get a chance to spend quality time with myself. In such an event, I use to stand by my window, look at the distant horizon, and recite my favorite poet Keats, “Full on this casement shone on the wintry moon…”. It makes me feel better. In our daily drudgery, we, somehow lose ourselves and it may lead us to utter frustration and depression. Hence, we all need to manage time to enjoy our own company, to re-discover ourselves. For such a soothing leisure, it is not enough to have a wide window and a beautiful view before it. You cannot enjoy this moment when your window is dirty. Dirt is the first thing that your eyes will arrest instead of the “wintry moon”. In this context, let me tell you another thing, cleanliness helps you not only stay hygienic but also happy. This is not my personal belief, rather, it’s an established truth.

It is up to you how you will manage time for yourself. I am here to help you create the right ambiance for your leisure. More specifically, I am going to tell you how you can make your windows look like new and clean.

I’ve listed three window cleaning methods and some tips that you can apply.

1. Take Your Vacuum out

Take your vacuum and clean the both sides of the screen with the upholstery attachment in order to clean the dust and dirt. Now, take three cups of water and add one tablespoon of dish detergent and one cup of ammonia to the water. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands. Take a sponge or a microfiber cloth and dip it into the bucket of solution. Now, you are all set to clean the window screen. Once make a stroke horizontally, then do it vertically, repeat this process until you get a clear screen. Next, rinse the solution with a garden hose on a low pressure to avoid any damage or scratch on the screen. Wipe the screen dry and let the air dry the screen before you affix it to the window frame once again.

2. Utilize Your All-Purpose-Cleaner

If you don’t like a vacuum, there’s another method for you. You need to take off the screen and mix one cup of all-purpose-cleaner with one-half gallon water in the bucket. You can put this solution into a spray container as well. Wear the gloves, spray the solution, wipe both sides of your window screen either with a sponge or a dry cloth, horizontally and vertically in an alternative way. Now rinse the solution with a hose. In the next step, you need to dry the screen and allow the air to pass through it.

3. Employ a Magic Eraser

Using magic eraser is an easy, though not the best method. If you choose a standard magic eraser, it can leave magical effects on your casement screens. You just need to rinse a magic eraser in the water and wipe it with long strokes. Start wiping horizontally, then do it vertically and continue the process in the same way. The sponge seems to fall apart when used on a rough or uneven surface. Therefore, you need to wipe very carefully. When you are satisfied with your window cleaning, take a large towel, put a towel on the floor and place your screen on the towel. Now, dry off the clean screen.

These cleaning methods effectively remove the dirt, even the grime and bug parts from your window screens. Time is also a major fact. So, choose a method that you can perform easily within the limited time.Apart from these methods, you can consider some tips that can help you keep your window clean every day.

  • Ditch a Newspaper

You can recycle the newspaper lying around your window just like a paper towel. It is not only effective but environment-friendly. It will keep away the dust and dirt from your window screen whenever you are outside for a long time.

  • Daily Care

If you take a little pain in cleaning your window daily with water and a sponge, it will be in a good state. It will make your cleaning activities easier in the weekends as regular cleaning will prevent the attack of heavy dirt.

  • Keep Your Inventory Ready

If you always want to keep your window clean, you should never run short of cleaning supplies. Always keep your inventory ready for the cleaning program so that you can clean your window whenever you have few minutes in your hands.

A Final Takeaway

In this modern era, or dare I say a materialistic era, life poses a great challenge to us. Do you know what is the challenge? Being happy is the challenge. Perhaps, this is the reason we haunt happiness so desperately. But, in most of the times, we overlook the simplest things that we can try to find a little solace. Cleaning is one of these things. A clean and organized house has a deeper and positive impact on our mind. Additionally, if you sometimes spend your evenings standing by your clean window screen, looking at the moon, and losing yourself in your own world of imagination, what could be more pleasing than this?

What are you thinking, then? Let’s wear the gloves and start the cleaning. For any assistance regarding window cleaning and home cleaning tips, feel free to write to us!

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