Know the Top 5 Features of Maintaining a Clean & Hygienic Restaurant

Whether at home or commercial space, maintaining hygiene is the prime criteria for any kitchen. Apart from the quality of the food being served, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Cleanliness and hygiene go hand in hand with a quality restaurant. Maintaining the sanitation in a commercial restaurant is as important as it is in the home. According to the standard parameters set by the government, it is one of the most important criteria that should not be overlooked by the restaurant authority. Customers tend to visit the restaurant that has a clean kitchen and dining space. It is possible to achieve only if the food joint has sufficient commercial cleaning supplies.

Why is Cleanliness Important?

A restaurant is designed to provide quality food and charismatic ambiance. How does cleanliness affect the image of a restaurant? Let’s check it out:

  • Dirty table clothes and mats are a big disappointment for any customer.

  • The negative review of a restaurant spreads at a jet speed, hampering the business in a great way.

  • Poor hygiene habit may cause some dangerous diseases or even food poisoning.

  • Putting the health of the customers in danger is the worst thing that can happen to the business of a restaurant.

  • Maintaining the kitchen equipment increases the longevity of the items.

What Does Cleanliness Refer to in a Commercial Kitchen?

Cleanliness does not refer to sweeping the floors only. It involves a wide range of steps set by the United States Public Health Service. A 5-step checklist suggested by this department includes:

  1. Staff Hygiene

  2. Hygiene checklist

  3. Proper Ventilation

  4. Regular Inspection

  5. Equipment’s Sanitation

Recently, numerous restaurants have been closed across the country, as they’ve failed to satisfy the standard hygiene parameters. Therefore, in order to avoid such incident, it is important to abide by the rules and regulations set by the government.

Let’s see the checklist that can help you maintain the hygiene in a broad way:

1. Staff Hygiene

If the staff working in the area are not clean themselves, they will not be able to maintain the cleanliness of the concerned place. Hence, it is the responsibility of the administrative team of the restaurant to give a proper training to the employees regarding their personal hygiene. The initial step of the process is providing them with the clean clothes, gloves, caps, wipes, etc. In addition to this, they must be trained on a regular basis to make sure they remember and exercise all the steps in their daily activity.

2. Hygiene Checklist

Depending on the size and infrastructure of the restaurant, it is important to design a checklist that will help the manager maintain it in a proper way. The first step to a healthy food joint is the availability commercial cleaning supplies. In addition to this, the work must be divided among the various workers of the outlet, in order to achieve a fruitful result.

3. Proper Ventilation

Air Conditioning system has made the entire joint airtight. However, for a healthy living, fresh air is highly required. The proper ventilation is very important for the employees as well as the consumers. The heat, smoke, steam, and smell can easily escape if the restaurant is equipped with the proper ventilation system. The commercial kitchen and dining area require a different ventilation system. Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system is the latest technology that has the capability to sense the heat and fumes. It is a smart system as it starts work automatically whenever required.

4. Regular Inspection

In order to ensure proper workability of a standard restaurant, it is important to maintain a routine inspection. The internal inspection makes sure the restaurant never fails the standard tests of the health and sanitation department. The food joint needs cleaning at least 4 times a day and deep cleaning once a day. The deep cleaning involves cleaning of cooking apparatus, ranges, and kitchen furniture.

5. Equipment’s Sanitation

Maintenance of the kitchen equipment increases the lifespan of the items. Thus, the expensive products can be preserved and used for a longer period of time. A checklist to maintain the sound health of the apparatus will mutually benefit the investment of the hotel and the health of the clients. Along with the equipment like an oven, grill, stove, baking plate, etc., the knives should also be cleaned at least thrice a week. Some of the most common ways to maintaining the apparatus are cleaning the chopping board, emptying the bins regularly, separating the dry and wet garbage; disposing of the leftover food in a proper way, etc.


Proper ventilation and hygiene contribute to the reputation of a commercial restaurant. Along with the competent employees, the commercial cleaning supplies should be available in sufficient quantity. This will help the employees accomplish the task in an easier manner. Along with the dining space, the restrooms need to be cleaned every 30 minutes. This must be done with a proper checklist in order to get an odor-free and hygienic washroom. If the above-mentioned points are maintained on a regular basis, a restaurant is bound to become the favorite destination for most of the people.

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