Janitorial Supply for Restaurants In Anaheim During Summer Cleaning

A clean kitchen is of utmost importance if you want to prepare hygienic meals for your customers. If you are a restaurant owner, then you must be in constant search of the best janitorial restaurant supply in Anaheim to ensure that your kitchen is absolutely clean and not even a single component of dirt exists there. Not cleaning the kitchen even for a single day can do a lot of damage to the restaurant and its reputation, as there will be chances of the food prepared there getting contaminated, thus causing health-hazards to your kitchen staff and guests. Bacteria and mold might also start accumulating in some places, making the kitchen unsafe for cooking purposes.

Maintaining cleanliness and the quality of food being served are the two most important points a restaurant must look after. A lot of people consider cleaning the kitchen to be a tedious task, which is not always the case if you have the right janitorial restaurant supplies in Anaheim or any other part of he country where your restaurant is situated. If you want your employees to stay healthy and your customers to keep returning to your restaurant, then you should spend some time looking after the kitchen cleaning activities. This summer season, make sure you remove all the dirt and bacteria out of your restaurant kitchen, making your cooking space both clean and hygienic. To conduct an effective cleaning campaign this summer, make sure you have all the necessary restaurant janitorial supplies.

  • Hard-Bristled Brush and Nonabrasive Cleaning Products

For a restaurant, where meals are prepared for endless people on a daily basis, cleaning of the kitchen equipment regularly should be a priority. Whether you talk about the knives, mixers, juicers, slicers, blenders, or any other kitchen equipment, regular cleaning is a must. The best possible janitorial restaurant supply in Anaheim for this purpose would be cleaning products that are relatively less abrasive, along with a hard-bristled brush. You should put all the equipment in hot, soapy water filled with the nonabrasive cleaning solution and clean them properly. Use a hard-bristled brush in the process to get food particles out of the equipment. When everything has been properly cleaned in the hot, soapy water, make sure you rinse them well before putting them back to use.


  • Disinfectant Spray and Gloves

Almost all the restaurants offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to their customers. The kitchen countertop of most restaurants is made using stainless steel, as it ensures ease of cleaning and sanitation. If you directly put the dough on the countertop for kneading or place a large piece of meat on the countertop for slicing, make sure you clean the surface after every use. Always clean the surface using a disinfectant. Wear gloves before spraying the disinfectant onto the counter to ensure safety. A point to note is that you should ideally use a professional disinfectant that is safe because you after spraying, you will be directly placing food items on the same countertop. The best way is to purchase the same from a reliable janitorial restaurant supplier in Anaheim.


  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser Spray

When you are done with cleaning the kitchen equipment and the countertops, it is time you focus on the cooking area. It is one of the most difficult areas to clean because of the various hard-to-reach places filled with grease, food stains, spilled oil, etc. Since your hand cannot reach all the corners of your cooking space, you are left with the choice of using a professional heavy-duty degreaser spray to get the job done. With each spray, the accumulated grease and stains tend to become easier to remove with a single swipe.

  • Grill Scraper and Grill Cleaner

Grilled food is loved by all and is surely one of those many delicacies that attract customers to eat at a restaurant. While commercial restaurant grills help in preparing delicious grilled food, it is your duty to clean it in between orders, preferably after each order, to maintain the hygiene and the quality of food you serve. Since food is placed directly over the grill top, the grills not only retain a small fraction of the food particles but they also retain the smell. To ensure the grills are properly cleaned and are fit for being used for the next order, just use a professional-grade grill scraper to remove the left-over food particles sticking to the grill. Post scraping, you can use a grill cleaner and a non-abrasive wet cloth to remove the grease and chemicals from the grills. Once you follow this step, just soak the grills in soapy, hot water, clean it once again in the soapy solution, rinse it well, and put it back to use.

  • Heavy-Duty Degreasing Solution

Most restaurants usually have a kitchen hood that sucks up the smoke and grease produced at the time of cooking. This is one of the most overlooked areas of the kitchen that requires timely cleaning. If not cleaned, dirt and grease will keep on accumulating over time, making it difficult to remove the same from kitchen hoods. For a proper clean-up, you will need to soak the exhaust fillers in a commercial, heavy-duty degreasing solution. You can also use a brush and a professional degreaser to aid a faster cleaning process. All these supplies, including a heavy-duty degreasing solution, a scrubber, and a professional degreaser can be easily purchased from a renowned janitorial restaurant supply shop in Anaheim.

  • Mop and a Professional-Grade Floor Cleaner

Though the kitchen floor may not be in direct contact with the food being prepared, occasional spilling can always be expected. Moreover, the floor being run over by so many shoes, a thorough cleaning process should also be planned for your kitchen floor. Mere mopping is not sufficient for having a clean floor with no germs and zero health hazards. Make sure to sweep away the debris and food particles that have fallen on the ground before moving ahead with the floor mopping process. Also, add a professional-grade floor cleaner in the water to ensure that proper cleaning and sanitization has been done.

Mops maintenance

In Conclusion

The timely cleanup of a restaurant kitchen is extremely important from both the commercial and health perspective. With the right janitorial supplies at your disposal, cleaning your restaurant kitchen will never be a daunting task. Make sure that you have all the above-mentioned supplies for a proper cleanup process.

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