The Interesting Secrets of Air Fresheners

Did you know? After a few minutes, humans no longer actively recognize a smell – no matter how pungent or putrid it is. Evolutionarily speaking, being impervious to smells is what helps you become aware of new changes in your surroundings, alerting you to potentially dangerous situations.

The Secret of Air Freshener
Leaving and returning to an area will allow you to recognize a scent again, such as air fresheners. But, however, if there is a smell that you are exposed to regularly you will cease to actively notice it after a while. This is the reason why you do not notice the smells that are always in your own home, such as household cleaners or your pets. The phenomenon is called Olfactory Fatigue.

When it comes to fragrances that you use to make your home, car or office smell better, after a while it seems like they have stopped working. The problem is not that the air fresheners isn’t working, it is that your sense of smell has become desensitized. Fret not. Your house still smells nice – you just no longer realize it.

How to Get Full Benefit of Air Freshener?
Here are some ways for you to enjoy your air freshener over a long period of time:

  • Take some time off before installing a repeat fragrance.
  • Instead of using the same air freshener smell, replace it every couple of months. This means you will need to find several smells that you like. You can even work to get scents to match the seasons.
  • Mix several fragrances together. You will want to experiment before you use them all over your home or in a small space like your car, but you may find something you like even better than the original scents.

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