Importance of Clean Schools for a Positive Learning Environment

Does the cleanliness of a school campus really have an impact on a child’s academic performance? Definitely, it does. For any kind of learning institution, from preschools to universities, an untidy and unhygienic environment can be harmful to students’ learning experience and progress.

Research conducted by APPA’s Center for Facilities Research, reveals the importance of clean schools to provide a positive learning environment to the pupils. Cleanliness of the school premises has been considered one of the top four factors to affect a student’s learning process.

Keeping school buildings and school playgrounds neat and tidy helps to sustain and safeguard the health and safety of students. In order to facilitate proper learning ambiance, educational facilities must be designed and maintained in an orderly and spotless manner. Moreover, every learning institution must follow protocols and policies to ensure proper sanitation, safe water supply, non-polluted air supply, food protection, clean playgrounds, and much more, with regard to the physical surroundings.

5 Key Benefits of Keeping the School Clean

An untidy and unhygienic environment in an educational facility has a detrimental effect on a student’s personal learning experience. However, a clean educational institution not only helps the students concentrate better on the learning process, but also contributes to their overall health. The following 5 benefits of cleanliness have been listed below.

Promotes Good Health – Schools are places where germs and diseases spread like wildfire. With a huge population of students engaging in collective learning activities, harmful microbes can make many of them fall sick rapidly. Generally, this happens in elementary schools, where the little learners are in their growing stage and are quickly affected by disease-spreading germs. Thus, keeping in mind the importance of keeping schools clean, the authorities of the learning institutions must follow regular cleaning procedures within their premises.

Increases Regular Attendance in Schools – Sticking to systematic cleaning sessions in learning facilities not only promotes health, but also increases their attendance and curbs absenteeism. Due to their regular presence in school, the students, regardless of their intelligence level, make significant improvement in their academic performance. Thus, school authorities must apply various ways to keep school environment clean to maintain a bright and clean learning environment for the children.

Facilitates Proper Concentration in Learning Process – Improper cleaning or a messy learning environments can divert students’ attention from their studies. A disorganized and unclean classroom is unfavorable for children to learn anything effectively. But a clean and tidy environment gives mental comfort to the learners, which enables them to enjoy their learning process. This in turn, helps them get a good grip on any new subject, topic, or idea. Taking into consideration the advantages of cleanliness in schools, educational institutions must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis in frequently visited areas.

Improves a Student’s Academic Performance – In a clean school facility, students remain healthy and can perform better in academics. An immaculate learning environment is devoid of harmful germs, which makes for an ideal place for students’ education. Students are less affected by diseases and can concentrate better on showing a positive result in their overall performance. So, awareness must be spread to the school staff and students on the importance of clean schools. They must make an effort to keep their school clean.

Effective Teaching – Not only the students, but also the teachers experience the positive effects of a clean educational institution. Tidy and organized learning facilities help the teaching staff to be efficient and effective. A student’s performance depends largely upon teachers’ effective teaching procedures. This is only possible when teachers can work in a less stressful and a tidy environment. School cleanliness and teacher’s performance are directly proportional to each other, which confirms the benefits of a clean school.

School Cleaning Tips for an Effective Learning Environment

Now, why should we keep our school environment clean? The first and foremost reason is that daily cleaning in schools is essential to keep away germs and bacteria that may cause ailments and diseases in the student body. A few essential cleaning tips are given below.

General Cleaning Tips

  • The cleaning products must be gentle enough and not pose any danger to the students.
  • The bookshelves and floor surfaces must be kept clean from dust and mites by using a vacuum cleaner.
  • The floor and surroundings must be cleaned before disinfecting them.
  • The manufacturer’s guide of the cleaning products must be referred to, to avoid any harmful consequences.
  • Frequently visited areas, such as desks, doorknobs, toilet area, computer keyboards, toys, and more should be disinfected daily.
  • Floors must be cleaned and mopped daily.
  • The right procedure for handling waste must be followed. This includes wearing gloves, placing waste paper baskets in easily accessible areas, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning of school windows should be done during holidays, the mid-term break, etc.

A Few School Cleaning Tips for the Children and Staff

  • Any litter on the floor should be picked up and thrown into dustbins.
  • The white-board should be wiped clean after school hours
  • The desks and chairs must be arranged tidily in their places
  • No books should be left on the desks or tables
  • Nothing must be written on the tables and chairs
  • The toilet should be flushed after use
  • Hands must be cleaned with soap after using the toilet and before having lunch
  • Care must be taken not to spill water on the floor

In Conclusion

We must help our future generation to make the best of their learning facilities to become successful in their lives. The basic way to provide them with an ideal and effective learning environment is to keep their educational institution clean and hygienic. This will build a strong foundation of knowledge for the children, who will grow up to make successful contributions in every field and task that they undertake.

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