How to Use Box Cutter Knives Safely at Home and at Work?

Box cutter knives are a common tool in both workplaces and homes. It helps in opening packed boxes or in doing handcrafts. One of the most utilized tools in workplaces, box cutter knives are used from cutting and slicing through big and bulky objects. Hence, these knives are used frequently in various work environments, like in a retail store, the warehouse, offices, or at your home.

Box Cutter

A simple-looking instrument, box cutter knife can cause injury if used in improper an manner. We often overlook these risks and end up suffering injuries, while using box .

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries are the second most occurring injury on job. Injuries ranging from minor scratches to severe ones requiring surgical treatment can lead to serious consequences. Having knowledge about the precautionary measures while using dangerous tools like the box cutter knives can save individuals from these injuries.

Essential Safety Tips to be Followed

Here are some essential safety tips that must be followed by all individuals handling box cutter knives at home or at work, or a regular or infrequent basis.

1. Shorten the Box Cutter Blade : Certain box cutter knives come with retractable blade that can be customized for safer handling. So, it is advised to keep the blade short and apply correct pressure on the material you are cutting. This minimizes the chance of the blade breaking and injuries.

2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment While Handling Box Cutter Knives: It is advisable to wear personal protective equipment, such as cut resistant gloves and safety glasses while working with box cutter knives. These gloves offer protection from nicks and scratches while handling the cutter. Wearing gloves also gives you a good grip on the box cutter and prevents it from slipping out of your hand. Safety glasses prove beneficial in case of blade snaps. Wearing these helps you to avert the danger of eye injury in case the blade breaks.

3. Keep Your Body Out of the Cutting Line: While cutting an item or an object with box cutter knives, it is essential to ensure that the box cutter knife is not coming towards you. In case the knife slips out of your hand, it may slide towards your body and cause injury. So, it is necessary to cut with a box cutter at an angle away from your body. If the knife slips, then it will fall in the vacant space next to you, rather than falling on you and causing an accident.

You also have to be cautious that no one else is around the cutting line of the knife blade. In case the box cutter slips from your hand, then stand away from it. Afterwards, you can pick up the cutter off the floor.

4. Retract the Knife Blade When Not in Use: You should always retract the cutter blade completely when you are finished using the box knife. These knives come with a locking system at the side to restrict blade movement once the blade is retracted completely, after use It may save you from the risk of facing accidents in case the box cutter knife is lost or hidden among the packaging supplies.

5. Avoid Distraction while using box cutter knives: While you are working with box cutter knives, be sure that you concentrate solely upon the job. Even a little break in your attention level may cause you a great harm. You may have physical injury or the knife may fall off and hurt you or pose other risks.

Safety Maintenance for Efficient Use of Box Cutter Knives

It is always better to give attention to maintenance of sharp tools, like box cutter knives. This, not only reduces the chances of getting injured, but also increases the efficiency of these knives. Here is a maintenance procedure for box cutter knives:

  • Keep all the box cutter knives clean.
  • Conduct a routine inspection of all the box knives to determine the signs of corrosion or other damages. You must change the blade whenever necessary.
  • Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer while changing blades and always use the correct replacement blade.

In Conclusion

It is rightly said that “precaution is better than cure”. Practice some safety precautions while using box cutter knives and do your cutting job in secured manner. Be safe at your workplace and at your home.

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