How to Prepare Your Church with Janitorial Supplies for the Christmas

A clean and beautifully decorated Church during Christmas exudes a homely warmth to all attendees and makes them feel welcome. While the managerial body of the church decorates the establishment impeccably all year round, Christmas decorations require way more precision and time to be set up in proper places.

Thus, it is essential for the church management to make sure that the establishment is beautifully and brightly decorated with flowers, wreaths, lights, Poinsettias, Christmas candles, ivy, and most importantly, a huge Christmas tree. As churches experience maximum footfall during the Christmas holidays, they are bound to get more dirty than usual. Hence, the facility managers need to stock up janitorial supplies in bulk to ensure that the facility is spic and span, at all times, during the oncoming festive season.

Christmas Church Cleaning Checklist

Apparently, church cleaning may seem similar to other commercial cleaning processes. However, contrary to the belief, each church comes with its own maintenance plan and requirement of cleaning supplies. The cleaning schedules of churches solely depend on the size of the establishment and the number of regular attendees. However, at a primary level, they are all the same. While big churches use a varied number of janitorial supplies, smaller local churches carry out the same work with a limited number of cleaning supplies.

Regardless, it is important to locate a wholesale janitorial supply store near the church so that essential cleaning items can be stocked up in no time at the face of an emergency. With Christmas festivities approaching, churches must store some essential cleaning supplies to start festive cleansing and decoration of the building on time.

Discussed below are some important janitorial supplies that must be included in the church maintenance checklist:

  • Microfiber Dusters
  • Disposable Protective Gloves
  • Commercial buckets
  • Mops and Additional Accessories
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Bathroom Disinfectant
  • Toilet Paper and Tissues
  • Trash Bin Liners
  • Sponges
  • Squeegees

Church Cleaning Tips for Christmas Celebrations

A clean, shiny, and beautifully decorated Church enhances the festive mood of Christmas and energizes all the members of the congregation with a positive vibe. To help the church management maintain a clean premise while accommodating a large number of visitors, discussed below are some tips and tricks which will help in the cleaning process.

  • Prepare a Time-Bound Cleaning Plan

Before starting the cleaning process, it is always better to create a time-bound strategy. The plan will include how one will go about the process, and the time allotted for the completion of each job role. For instance, Church cleaning may start with the emptying of trash cans, within a dedicated time span of 15 minutes. Similar to this, if each job role is detailed out and alloted a specific time frame, the extensive work process will be simplified and the workers can carry it out more efficiently.

  • Stock up The Janitor Cart

Lack of essential cleaning supplies during the cleaning process will not only break the workflow but can also be a time-consuming affair. So, it is the duty of the management and also the cleaning personnel to ensure that the janitorial cart is stocked with all the items listed on the cleaning checklist.

  • Wear Disposable Protective Gloves at All Time

Rubber or latex made disposable gloves provide a two-way protection. While the gloves protect the cleaner’s skin from the onslaught of harsh cleaning chemicals and soaps, it also prevents the transfer of dirt and harmful pathogens from the janitor’s hands onto the surfaces of the church.

  • Dust before Mopping

Loose dust on coming in contact with water forms dirt, which is much more visible to the naked eyes. Given that all open surfaces come in contact with dust, it is recommended to dust the premise first with a dust mop, before wiping them down with a damp microfiber cloth.

  • Clean the Restrooms Last

In your cleaning plan, place the restroom last. However, start by applying the cleaning chemicals in the restroom. While you tidy up the other parts of the church, the chemicals will get ample to time to work properly. So, when you finally arrive to clean the restrooms, too much hard work won’t be necessary. Also, allot comparatively more cleaning time as the restroom contains more germs than other surfaces of the Church.


On the holy occasion of Christmas, when every other house is decked up brightly and beautifully, it will reflect badly on the community, if the church itself is unclean and inefficiently decorated. While other commercial facility members lack support from the community in terms of cleaning purposes, Church congregation members are more than interested to help the management tidy up their place of worship. Hopefully, the above-mentioned church cleaning tips and janitorial supplies checklist will help the management as well as the community in getting the church clean by Christmas.

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