How to Efficiently Conduct Commercial Cleaning in Your Facility this Spring?

With the onset of spring, winter is fading fast. However, the cold and dreary season is leaving behind traces of its existence all around us. On the footsteps of winter, spring, the season of colors and new life, is knocking at our doors reminding us that it is time to once more engage ourselves in spring cleaning of our homes and offices.

Commercial cleaning during spring is necessary to eliminate harmful pathogens, prepare the facility for the onslaught of the upcoming summer months, and enhance the overall appearance of the building. Commercial spring cleaning is quite different from regular cleaning of a business facility. Commercial cleaning during spring is conducted solely for the maintenance and upkeep of the areas which do not receive regular day-to-day cleaning and need additional scrutiny, especially after long cold months.

Commercial Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Facility

However, before we go about the cleaning process, it is important to stock the janitorial cart with the right commercial cleaning supplies to effectively maintain and clean the facility:

  • All-Purpose Cleanser
  • Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant
  • Concrete Floor Care
  • Carpet Shampoo and Spotter
  • Microfiber Mops
  • Mop Bucket
  • Disposable gloves
  • Dust Masks
  • Scrapers and Blades
  • Squeegee
  • Trash Can and Liners

Areas of Focus While Conducting Commercial Cleaning of Your Facility This Spring

Here are some of the key areas that the cleaning crew must address while conducting the yearly ritual of spring cleaning:

External Landscape of the Facility

While cleaning and sprucing up the interiors of the facility is essential for spring cleaning, it is just as important to pay equal attention to the exteriors of the building. The landscape surrounding the facility plays a crucial role in how people perceive the facility and helps in creating the first impression on both employees as well as visitors. It is actually fun to work on the landscape during spring as the season brings in a riot of colors in nature, with flowers and news leaves blooming all around.

Landscaping during spring cleaning involves putting in some additional efforts apart from the regular routine. Here are some of the things the cleaning crew can consider while landscaping in spring:

  • Trimming up the bushes
  • Layering up fresh mulch
  • Weeding and applying a pre-emergent herbicide to inhibit the growth of the seeds
  • Planting new flowers, shrubs, and trees, etc.

Window Cleaning

Have you noticed that the exterior of a facility looks dull and weathered every year after the winter season is over? Modern buildings with extensive glass windows and glass walls get the worst deal with a dirty film of grime and filth covering the glass surface. While adapting to our environment, we don’t even realize the amount of natural light we are losing out due to that dirt encrusted film. Commercial cleaning during spring is incomplete without cleaning the windows with the right window cleaning supplies. A room flooded with natural light has a tremendously positive effect on our mood and boosts the productivity of the employees.

Floor Cleaning

The floors of a building are one of the few areas of a facility which is regularly cleaned, regardless of any season. However, on a closer, we will often find that not all the nooks and crannies of the floor are given the same attention as the rest of the space. For instance, regular floor cleaning does not involve moving the file cabinets, desks, or the large conference tables aside to clean away the last bit of dust and dirt that has accumulated in floor linings. Therefore, during spring cleaning the floors must be religiously scrubbed and cleaned to do away with the last speck of dust and dirt.

Carpet Cleaning

The winter is the hardest time for facility carpets as the fibers absorb in moisture from slime, mud, debris, and snow tracked in by the shoes of the employees as well as visitors. Moreover, the dirt gets deeply grounded into the pores of carpet due to wiping of feet or stomping on carpets. A dirty and weathered carpet is not only unhygienic but also mars the overall appearance of the interior of the facility. So, it can be said for sure that a carpet needs to be deep cleaned during commercial cleaning in the spring to prevent potential long-term damage to the commodity.

Dusting the High Spots

A facility will unwittingly have places and spots that are difficult to reach for everyday regular cleaning. So when springtime ushers in, clean all the high areas of the building including ceiling corners, air returns, light fixtures, and tops of doors while carrying out the yearly spring cleaning of the facility. There are multifaceted benefits of cleaning high reach areas such as reducing the infiltration of allergens responsible for triggering various ailments. Apply a liberal amount of all-purpose cleaner on a damp microfibre rag to clean the high spots or you can also spray the cleaner on the area and wipe it clean.

In Conclusion

A clean and green commercial facility not only brings forth a brightened appearance but also has a positive effect on the mood of the employees and visitors. So it is time tackle the winter blues down and get on with the commercial cleaning this spring.


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