How To Choose The Right Paper Towels For Your Business

Paper towels play an important role in maintaining safety and hygiene at home and public places like public toilets, restaurants, office desks, take-away counters and more. It is not wrong to say that the paper towels has become an indispensable item in our daily lives. The purpose of paper towels is to absorb water instantly which makes it a perfect spill remover for most places.

Why are paper towels important for office spaces?

Many enterprises these days are trying out new ways to reduce overall costs spent on janitorial items. Paper towels are useful and easily available cleaning materials that every business can use to maintain health and hygiene of the staff and visitors.

A disposable paper towel is a good option to clean up water-based and greasy spills than reusable towels and sponges. For certain businesses like auto mechanics, the use of grease is a part of the daily job. In such cases, use of paper towels can save a lot of extra work.

There are some jobs, like the ones in clinic and hospitals, which require disposable cleaning items to prevent cross-contamination of virus and bacteria. Paper towel, in such situations, can actually protect the employees from getting affected by harmful diseases while cleaning up a mess, as the paper towel can be disposed off immediately.

Paper Towel For Businesses

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Paper Towel

It is important to choose the right paper towel to make the most of it. Some essential factors are discussed below that should be considered when purchasing paper towels.

The Strength of the Towel

For the uninitiated, the strength of the towel is the amount of water weight a paper towel can withstand before it disintegrates. The strength of the towel is an important criterion that must be considered. If you would like to determine the strength of different paper towel brands then hold the two ends of a wet towel and keep adding water to it. The brand of towel that can hold the water weight for the longest amount of time will definitely be the strongest among its substitutes.

Absorbency Power of the Towel

The absorbency power of a paper towel has two features, namely, the amount of water the paper towel brand can retain and the speed at which the liquid is absorbed. The absorbency power of a paper towel helps in soaking up large amount of spills without having to use too many towels to wipe clean an area. Paper towels with ridges, patterns, and pockets come with high absorbency power.

Ply of Paper Towel

The ply of paper towels implies the number of paper layers used in one paper towel. Single-ply paper towels have one layer of paper while double-ply paper towels have two layers and so on and so forth. The more the layers of paper used in making the towel, more absorbency power and strength the paper towel gets. The layers of paper are joined by the embossing technique, which allows the water to be soaked in between the layers, thus enhancing the absorbing speed of the towel.

Recycled Paper Towel Vs Virgin Paper Towels

Paper towels made of recycled items may have less absorbency power compared to virgin towels. For the uninitiated, virgin paper towels are made from the ply of whole trees. This is because the recycling process shortens the cellulose fibers until they are too short to absorb any liquid. Thus, before buying paper towels you must examine the absorbency ability of the recycled paper towel.

But the paper towels made from recycled materials should be considered first while buying. This can greatly help us to preserve trees and save the environment from doom. Business managers in-charge of the janitorial department can opt for partially recycled paper towels. By choosing partially recycled paper towels, a business will not have to compromise on quality but will be able to help the environment at the same time. There are many paper towel brands on the market that uses partially recycled fiber to manufacture paper towels.

Chlorine Free (TCF) Paper Towels

Bleached paper towels are unsafe to use as it can cause a number of health issues. TCF paper towels release toxic compounds like, dioxins and furans, which are known to negatively affect fertility and the immune system in humans. Moreover, bleached paper towels are not just a threat to the humans but are also very harmful to any aquatic ecosystem. One of the main components of bleached paper towels is alkylphenol ethoxylates, which further breaks down to release alkyl phenols. This toxic element affects the fishes negatively by messing up their endocrine functions.

Price of Paper Towels

Last but not the least, the paper towel price is one of the most important factors that can influence any buying decision. Companies with a limited janitorial budget would not be able to buy paper towels with a steep pricing range. In such case buying these items in bulk helps immensely. Paper towels are one of the few janitorial items can be brought in bulk. When buying in bulk, the paper towel prices reduce, significantly, giving you more product at a reduced rate. Also buying paper towels on sale can help you cost cut, without compromising on the quality of the product.

Concluding Note

The important factors to note while buying a paper towel has been intricately discussed in this article. This particular janitorial item is a necessity in every office and thus the quality of the product must not be given a miss at any cost.

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