How to Boost Carpet’s Longevity with Right Carpet Cleaning Supplies & Maintenance?

We all love brand new carpets spread over the floor, don’t we? It makes the home interior look rich and adds a value to the property. Moreover, a smooth and finely manufactured carpet gives a feel good walking experience. Good quality fiber and finishing further add in keeping the life of the carpet longer. However, over the period of time, carpet starts losing its grace and touch, resulting to the replacement.

Carpets look good when they’re maintained well using right carpet cleaning supplies which keep the permanence firm throughout the year. Along with brand and fabric, the maintenance too matters a lot. No one wants to have a rusty or worn out carpet on the floor. Timely maintenance certainly invokes praise and helps you sustain the quality for longer years. In this way, you can also save money without going through the hassle of replacing it.

Let us now check top 7 tips that can help in keeping the longevity of your carpet with proper maintenance:

  1. Don’t Walk over with Dirty Shoes:

Dirty shoes can have thousands of dust living the carpet with pounds of soil. This can certainly attract contamination promoting the growth of mold, resulting to interior environmental issues and allergies. Dirt brings lot of issues, by working against the yarn creating scratches and taking away the lustre. As a part of measure, dust away the dirt of your shoes outside your home, or the best way is to walk without the shoes when in home, thus keeping the interior floor of the house dirt free.

  1. Consider the Carpet Type:

You need to garner sound knowledge of different types of carpets. While shopping for the floor carpet, which type of carpet would fit to your house floor. You can ask the provider about the materials- do the materials possess advanced micro-technology for higher resistance to molds? What type of yarn is being used? Nylon carpet does hold for long years compared to polyester fibres. You can get some advice from professional carpet dealers in your area.

  1. Regular Vacuum of the Carpet:

Vacuuming regularly to the carpet will help in eliminating dirt and allergens that can create health issues to family members, especially kids. Prior to vacuum, do dust your furniture and other areas, so that the fallen dirt accumulating in the carpet can be vacuumed. Do make sure you vacuum is capable enough to remove hidden dust from the carpet.

  1. Using Organic Cleaners:

Equip yourself with organic cleaners that don’t harm your carpet. These carpet cleaning supplies work best if your home has pets and children. It doesn’t leave any residue behind, which is generally witnessed in ordinary cleaners, posing a threat to family members.

  1. Clean the Stain ASAP:

Stains and spills are common view on carpets, and when you spot it, make sure you clean it ASAP. When these spills or stains remain on the carpet for long hours or days, it may harm the quality. Moreover, the spill will turn into permanent stains. The best way to avoid any stains on the carpet is to keep the drinking and eating snacks either in the kitchen or in the dine space, and if carried in the living room, keep it over the table.

  1. Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Service:

Once, people did cleaning by themselves and then, professional services were not in the picture. But, over the period of time, cleaning services have come into existence and become important as most of the people hardly get any time to clean. So the best way is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service equipped with right carpet cleaning supplies to clean out the carpet dust completely. They follow certain rules and techniques to ensure your carpet stays for long years and clean it accurately without harming the product.

  1. Consider Kinds of Pets you Own :

If you’ve pets or wanting to own one, then do consider the type and pros-and-cons. Animals shedding more hairs may contribute towards the dirt and debris collecting on the carpet. Moreover, if your pet isn’t trained on urinating and other things, then this can further contribute towards stains and the quality of your carpets. So, you need to consider about the characteristics before owning a pet or buying a carpet.


Taking a good care of carpet with right techniques and guidance will certainly help in keeping the longevity of the carpet. Use of right carpet cleaning supplies, following certain rules and buying branded carpets will certainly provide a good ROI over the period of time and will also increase the value of your home.


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