How Can Dirty Bathrooms Damage Your Business Prospects

Using an unclean bathroom can be a really unpleasant experience. And if it is the case with the toilet of your business facility, then you cannot imagine how great the impact will be on your customers, clients, and employees. On the contrary, a clean and hygienic bathroom can make a huge difference in one’s perception of you. Whether you own a retail store, or a mall, or a restaurant, or an office, a large number of clients and customers will be visiting you on a daily basis. Care should therefore be taken to keep the restrooms of any business area optimally clean and tidy.

A survey reveals that about 95 percent of Americans believe that clean restrooms have a positive effect on the overall health of the people using the facility, by preventing the spread of harmful and contagious diseases. Moreover, dirty bathrooms can damage your business and nullify the efforts that you give to make your business flourish.

Let us focus on the importance of clean public toilets at your business place and the harmful impact that a lack of such cleanliness might have.

How can Dirty Bathrooms Play a Detrimental Role for your Business Enterprise?

There are a few reasons that will make you realize the importance of keeping toilet clean. Messy and unhygienic toilets can be detrimental to the prestige of your organization, earned through your relentless efforts. The possible ways that a filthy and stinky toilet can harm you and your business’s reputation are detailed below.

1. It Can Divert Your Customers Away

Customers are the backbone of any business. When they visit your premises to buy a product or avail a service, your business flourishes and grows. But having a bad experience with the dirty and unhygienic washrooms of your business facility can drive them away, causing them to not return anymore. It will always be very difficult to change the negative impression that your customer will have after visiting a dirty or unclean washroom within your premises, despite all you have done to satisfy that customer. The bad experience they had on using your washroom can make a permanent impact on his or her mind. They will develop an aversion to your business as they will feel that it is both unprofessional and unhealthy. This will also put a question mark on your brand’s credibility. For instance, it is important to maintain restaurant bathroom cleanliness to satisfy your customers along with delicious dishes. This will attract the customers to come and enjoy the ambiance and food at your restaurant over and over again. Spraying bathroom air fresheners can help avoid the odor commonly associated with bathrooms and give your premises a pleasant aroma.

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2. It Hampers Your Reputation

Clients and customers are frequent visitors of your business place. If they leave them with a bad impression on using your unclean and smelly bathroom, they may drop a bad word about it in a number of business rating apps found online. There are numerous sites like Yelp, Foursquare, or TripAdvisor which are very popular and widely used for rating a business. The dissatisfied customer may even write a bad review, or make public restroom complaints, or tell his or her friends and acquaintances about the unpleasant situation he or she faced visiting your organization’s bathroom. This will definitely ward off many lucrative customers from accessing the products or services of your business.

3. It Diminishes Sales In Your Business

Untidy bathrooms can decrease sales considerably. For a customer, both the act of shopping and the overall experience at your business place are equally important. Sometimes, a few people just pay a visit to know about the products or services available at your business place. Good ambiance, neat and tidy surroundings, with quality products or services are what can turn them into potential customers. So, a small discrepancy, like untidy washrooms can divert away his or her focus from your business. Always remember that dirty bathrooms can damage your business. Attention must be given to the sinks, urinals, and floors to keep them spotless and clean.

4. It Reveals Your Lack of Concern for Your Employees’ Health

Employees always want an immaculate and hygienic workplace. The hygiene of a place can be evaluated from the cleanliness maintained in its bathroom. Your indifference towards the overall hygiene of your business area tells a lot about your lack of interest in the health and wellbeing of your employees. Moreover, this can lead to lower productivity from your staff and can hamper your business prospects as a whole. A clean and pristine restroom definitely creates a positive impact on your business or workplace environment. So, make sure to give importance of keeping public toilets clean within the premises of your business, along with the cleanliness of the overall area.

5. It Can Spread Germs And Diseases

In order to maintain a healthy environment in your business area, or to eliminate dangerous microbes and germs, a daily routine of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting the toilets has to be followed. This can prevent the employees, customers, and clients from being susceptible to a number of contagious diseases, like novovirus, MRSA, influenza, and many others. A filthy and stinking bathroom is a breeding ground of many harmful microorganisms, and this poses a great threat to health and hygiene if left uncleaned. Use of dirty cloths, sponges, and mops repeatedly for prolonged periods of time can also lead to cross-contamination. So, it is also important to use ready-to-use or clean equipment for the maintenance of proper hygiene. A small notice can be put up inside the toilet, instructing people to flush the toilet before leaving the washroom. Be conscious that dirty bathrooms can damage your business.

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6. It Can Be Destructive To Your Organization’s Floors, Toilets, And Sinks

If the bathroom of your business concern is not maintained properly, then it can be difficult in the future to clean the dirt and spots that has built up over years of neglect. It may result in huge expenses if there is a need for replacement of the bathroom fixtures. To avoid this, regular cleaning of all the high-traffic areas with mild cleaners, removal of stains from the floor, toilets, and sinks can provide longevity to these highly used units. In the long run, it will help you to save money and time.

In Conclusion

It is rightly said that cleanliness is half your health. So, to maintain sound health amongst your employees and customers, make sure that the floors and bathrooms of your business concern are always kept spotlessly clean. This is very important if you want your business to grow and prosper.

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