Get Your Facility Ready with Summer Storm Checklist

Just few days back we all noticed how massively the summer nor’easter troubled the East sea cost. The storm was followed by a heavy rain, dense fog, and low cloud. Attack of several storms is quite common in summer. What would you do if a terrific storm destroys your facility? How should you deal with this critical time following a natural disaster like storm?

Is there any businessman who wants to experience a long downtime? Do you want at all? Obviously, not! Then, you need a plan ready before your hand to reduce the possibilities of damage due to summer storms. Mobile Janitorial Supplies has come up with a checklist to help you limit the downtime following a destructive storm.

Checklists you need to consider:

Safety Hazards

You should take special care of the safety hazards (loose debris and shock hazards, in particular). Each of your employees should be educated on how to switch off the electricity in the damaged areas. They should be aware even when the electricity is down because it might be oftentimes restored without any prior notice.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

A preparedness plan should provide contact information for emergency repair providers, essential instructions, and checklists for different emergency situations. Nobody knows when a storm will come. Therefore, you should always be prepared with your team. You should train your employees how to ask for help in the face of a crisis; keep reviewing the emergency action process in team meetings regularly.

Exterior Glass & Doors

Windows and doors get badly affected by natural disaster like storm. Therefore, examine your exterior glass, doors, handles, locks, weather strips to make sure that they are in good state. Often we overlook some trivial issues like scratches, hairline fractures, and built. But do you know that these apparently trivial issues can escalate into critical problems and situations? So, don’t overlook these issues.

Water Lines

Your plumbing backflow, pipe blockages, and clogs can get affected by your flood-damaged facility. You need assistance of a professional service to evacuate excess sewage. A professional can help you extract and jet the pipes.

Disinfect Contaminated Surface

After a storm followed by a heavy rain, you should remove all the food-contaminated material. All the surfaces should be disinfected properly. Do remember one thing – you should always take care of contaminated materials to stop their spreading.

Clean Floor

Whenever your floor gets damaged by the flood water, you should clean them deeply. A deep cleaning method requires cleaning chemicals. It sanitizes the floor by dwelling time and high-pressure. In this way, it combats the growth of bacteria and molds as well.

We have a couple of tips to offer you. Let’s have a quick glimpse:

Be Informed & Alert

You should always check the weather forecasts and find out the nearest shelter during any emergency. So, map out the routes and shortcuts you can take to reach the safe shelter. You should point out places within your office which would be the safest ones during a storm. You can get the latest weather forecasts from National Weather Service.

Store Your Inventory with Janitorial Supplies

Nobody knows when an emergency would come into his/her way. Summer is a season when storms are quite expected. So, it is always better to store your inventory with janitorial supplies which would be required at the face of any danger. Even after the storm and rain, you need to clean the entire office with effective cleaning and janitorial supplies.

Do’s & Don’ts

Here, we have listed what you should do and what you should not do during a storm:

  • Keep safety apparels ready before hand.
  • Keep safe distance from the power lines.
  • During a power cut caused by storm or any other kind of natural disaster, never use candles or matches.
  • Try to avoid over-exertion.
  • Keep water saturated materials away.
  • Skip crossing rushing water.
  • Keep the gas equipment outside.
  • Last but not the least, don’t panic. Try to be calm.

A Final Takeaway

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

True it is, isn’t it? So, why should we wait for a mishap to take place? Human life is full of uncertainties. We don’t know what we would be doing in the very next minutes. Wise people, therefore, keep themselves prepared to cope up with every difficulty. What are you thinking? Enjoy the warmth of summer and be prepared to deal with the summer storms.

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