Efficacious Shopping Mall Cleaning Tips Using the Right Janitorial Supplies

Shopping malls are perhaps one of the few public spaces which witness massive footfall throughout the year. Wanna shop, eat, drink, relax, watch a movie, or play games? – it’s a one-stop solution for all who want to unwind for a change. Apart from hundreds of retail stores, a shopping mall can also house a movie theater, food court, restaurants, gaming centers etc. So, the whole floor area of the shopping mall experiences massive foot traffic from morning till late at night.

Under these circumstances, it is a responsibility of the mall management to ensure effective cleaning of the facility especially the floors, restrooms, and food court to prevent cross-contamination. Cleaning will not only maintain the hygiene standards of the establishment but will also create a positive and happy environment. Cleaning a huge building is not as easy as it sounds. One has to use the right janitorial supplies and follow a few tips and tricks to clean the floors and all the corners of the mall properly.

Janitorial Supply Checklist for Cleaning Shopping Malls

A clean shopping mall is a structure of elegance and positivity, where dirty floors are a breeding ground for various harmful pathogens apart from being a sore sight for the visitors. The floors must be cleaned thoroughly and properly to protect the consumers from slips and falls, apart from ensuring the highest possible standards of sanitation. The U.S. National Safety Council states that “falls” has been categorized as the third leading cause of death in the country. The association further states that in 2014 approximately 32,000 deaths took place due to falls and the risk is directly proportional to rising age.

Thus, the shopping mall authorities must ensure that they are employing the right process and tools to clean and prevent slippery floors or water spills. The checklist below details the cleaning supplies required to clean, sanitize, and disinfect a shopping mall methodically.

1. Multipurpose Cleaner

2. Glass Cleaners

3. Disposable Latex Safety Gloves

4. Furniture Cleaners

5. Microfibre Dust Mops

6. Microfibre Cloths

7. Wet Floor Caution Signs

8. Trash Can Liners

9. Disinfectant

10. Squeegee

Shopping Mall Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Most individuals prefer malls as their ideal retail destination because these establishments not only provide them with various options of retail therapy but also double as a place of relaxation. Now that the cleaning cart is ready with the right janitorial supplies, the below discussed cleaning tips and tricks will assist the staff to buff up the place properly.

  • Cover All Entry and Exit Points:

The shopping malls covering acres of area consist of a number of entry and exit points. While this strategy manages the crowd effectively and prevents jostling and chaos from taking place, the floor of the mall gets dirty quicker, especially in the winter season. The visitors bring in slush, ice, mud, and snow, which in turn damages the luster and gleam of the floors and covers it with debris and harmful microorganisms.

An all-encompassing mat placement system can be considered as the first line of defense to protect the floors from getting dirty. Placing mats at each entry and exit point can collect the excess debris from the shoes, preventing them from getting distributed on the mall flooring. The authorities must also make sure that at the end of the day, these mats are cleaned daily to effectively serve the purpose.

  • A Comprehensive Cleaning Strategy:

Once the right janitorial supplies are stocked in the cart, it is crucial to plan a detailed cleaning strategy covering all the floors and spaces of the building. Regular cleaning will reduce the risk of slips and falls inside the premises and will safeguard the facility from getting a bad reputation in terms of visitor safety and protection.

Maximum cleaning time must be allotted for restrooms and food courts to avoid cross-contamination. The staff must be allocated a time limit to finish the cleaning of one particular area. This will ensure that the whole cleaning process is finished by the day end before the mall opens its doors to the public.

  • Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner:

The shopping malls are build over large stretches of an area with extensive internal floor work. Thus, it is time-consuming and a labor-intensive process to clean the floors with only a bucket and mop at one’s disposal. Furthermore, mopping makes the floors more wet and increases the risk of slipping and falling down. Instead, it is better to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. The mall authorities can purchase a vacuum cleaner which is not only capable of removing dirt and soil but also dries off the area after cleaning. Thus, there would be no need to put the “Wet Floor” sign, cordoning off the area from being accessed by the visitors.

  • Give Ample Time for the Disinfectants to Work:

The disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners used for restrooms work best when left to dwell on the surfaces for some time. First and foremost, check the instructions and guidelines printed on the labels to get an idea as to how long to keep the disinfectants on the surface before washing them off. This will effectively clean all the germs and pathogens and will also delay its arrival in the future.

In Conclusion:

Whether the visitor has come to shop, eat, drink, or have fun, it is the duty of mall authority to ensure that the facility is spic and span. While cleaning such a huge premise might look like a daunting task, it can be easily accomplished with the help of the aforementioned janitorial supplies and the above-mentioned cleaning tips.

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