Effective Tips Need to Consider Before Buying Floor Brushes & Pads

Whenever you buy any gadget, do you forget to check out the features? No, you never forget. Then how can you forget to check out the features of a janitorial product? A clean surrounding makes your life healthy and happy. A dirty and messy environment poses threat not only to your health but also to your state of mind. Most of us spend a lot of money on the interior decoration of our facility. But outward elegance would be futile when your floor is not clean.

No one can deny the fact that productivity is the sole objective of an organization. How can you expect high productivity from your employees when you are unable to provide them a clean and hygienic environment? Every day thousands of people are coming to your place. Therefore, your floor should be cleaned frequently with right kind of cleaning products and floor brushes. You need products and equipment that can give you desired cleaning without any hassle. If you want to maintain your floor properly, you need a number of products and equipment.

In this article, I am going to discuss what issues to be aware of prior to picking your cleaning products for the floor of your facility.

1. Floor Types

Different businesses have different types of floors. For instance, gym floors usually have a water-based wax that you can remove easily. Grocery stores, on the other hand, need harder waxes that can withstand carts, palettes, and shoes. Before purchasing floor pad and brush, you need to consider the floor type of your facility.

2. Cleaning Process

What’s your cleaning process, by the way? It is very important to choose the floor brush and pads based on your cleaning process. Each janitorial product is designed for a particular process. So, buy a pad or brush that is suitable for your cleaning process.

3. Manpower

How many persons do you have to keep your organization clear? If you do not have sufficient men, then you need a floor pad that is able to clean easily. If your manpower is strong, a hand pad with warm water will do well.

4. Floor Pad Types

Have a quick look at different types of floor pads before buying one:

  • Buffing Pads

Do you know that a standard color-coding system for low-speed floor pads helps you get a clean and elegant floor? Yes, that’s true, and the most preferable colors are white, beige, pink, and light green. Buffing pads are light-colored and remove scuff-marks and dirt from your floor effectively. This type of pads removes the dirt from the core of the floor. Natural hair pad is also a kind of high-speed buffing pad.

  • Cleaning Pads

Cleaning pads are used for more deep cleaning. With a cleaning pad, you can remove the dark off the surface. During wet or wintry weather, you need to use a little aggressive or hard cleaning pad.

  • Hand Pads

Sponge hand pads are available in various sizes and colors. These hand pads are good for daily care. You can clean your floor with hand pads and water.

  • Utility Pads

Utility pads are really light and soft. If your cleaning stuffs, clean the facility on a regular basis, then there is a chance that the floor will get a little dirt. In such a case, utility pads are perfect for daily use.

5. Compositions

In most of the cases, the floor pads are composed of synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Synthetic fiber includes nylon and polyester which make the pad soft. Natural fiber contains hog hair, coconut, and walnut, and this kind of pad is rough. Synthetic fiber works better that the natural fiber because the former is hollow that can heat up and cool down in no time.

A Final Takeaway

I would like to wrap up the topic with two misconceptions that you need to clear before purchasing your floor cleaning equipment. Let’s check them out:

1. “It’s just a pad”– It’s nothing but a myth. Pad is not a mere pad but an integral part of the entire floor care program. You need premium quality pads from the finest quality abrasives, binders, fibers, and resins. So, you need to take special care of your pad, and, do remember this! It is more than a mere pad!

2.Buy a pad that saves your money” – no, this is not the truth all the time. It is not true that cheap pad can save your money. If you compromise with quality, then it would make you replace the existing pad frequently. Don’t you think it will make you spend a huge amount on floor pads and brush? Therefore, it’s better to go for one-time investment. At the same time, always the quality cannot be determined by the price. So, pick your pad and brush wisely.

Hopefully, now you will take your floor cleaning seriously after reading this article. So, what are you thinking? Go for it! For more information on the janitorial product, keep an eye on our blogs!

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