6 Common Mop Types and What They Are Used for

A mop is an inevitable part of the janitorial supply and produces a blemish-free surface in a jiffy. The market is overflowing with several types of mops, used for wet as well as dry cleaning. Each has a specific utility and helps in an integrated cleaning. However, the challenge is to identify the essential items for your office or household space and save the money from investing in the wrong items. Through this article, we will check the common mop types, which produce splendid outcome while taking care of your budget. We will also understand the application of these mops that will help you during the purchase.

6 Common Types of Mops and Its Application

Let us have a look at the 6 common mop types and the individual applications:

1. Sponge Mop

As the name suggests, the mop has a sponge head along with a felt pad attached to the handle and generally comes with a wringer. This allows you to drain the excess water while not soiling the hands. The head is a removable attachment and is easily washable to eradicate the chances of cross-contamination.
Usage: Sponge mop is best suited for cleaning the uneven surfaces like tiles. It is also a boon to the hardwood floors as it drains every drop of water and cleans the wooden surface without imposing any harm to it. The felt pad aids in removing the tough stains from the surface seamlessly.

2. Flat Mop

This is the most common mop that is used daily without adding any hassle to the cleaning process. Removable microfiber head aids in seamless cleaning of the surface. Due to its easy setup and storage system, this is preferred for both household and official cleaning purposes.
Usage: The flexible head can reach every nook and cranny of the room and easily cleans the surface without leaving any trace of dirt and bacteria.

3. Dust Mop

This is a type of dry mop which comes with a long handle to make the cleaning process easier. Some of the materials used in the mopping head are synthetic, microfiber, and lambswool. This aids in attracting the dirt instantly.
Usage: It is primarily used to mop the dirt from the areas like the ceiling, light fitments, floor, and wall. Even the cobwebs at the corners of the ceiling are easily removed with this. However, the head must be cleaned separately to avoid soiling of other fabrics.

4. Strip Mop

It has been in use for the longest time and can soak the moisture from the surface easily while cleaning it. Conventionally, the cotton-headed strip mop was chosen for the ease of cleaning and scrubbing, but nowadays, the synthetic mop is preferred for flawless handling. It is also attached with a wringer to drain the extra water without using the hands.
Usage: The softwood floors and laminates are sanitized and cleaned with a few swipes with this mop. The microfiber head can also be used as it attracts dirt and moisture rapidly. This is washing machine friendly and is not vulnerable to attract bacteria.

5. String Mop

Cotton string mop is extremely helpful in smudging a huge amount of water and scrubbing the stubborn dirt from the floors. It is the most cost-effective option among the other mops, but the head needs changing within a short span of time.
Usage: String mop can clean the corners without having to spend extreme effort and is primarily used to clean the pool of water from various surfaces. However, the corrugated flooring is easily cleaned with this mop. Even the grout lines at the junction of the tiles are also cleaned.

6. Steam Mop

This is the only electrical gadget included in the list of the most preferred mops. It is impregnated with a tank that is filled with water. When the switch is turned on the water heats and converts into steam. This steam is released on the floor with the help of a replaceable mop head. This aids in cleaning as well as disinfecting the target areas.
Usage: This mop is used to clean the sophisticated surfaces that need special attention like the carpets. However, it can also be used to clean multiple surfaces like granite, tiles, marble, and vinyl.

A mop can prove to be your finest companion in cleaning the desired spaces, irrespective of the dry and wet area. Even the most difficult areas are cleaned with ease, restricting the bacteria and germs to contaminate the health of the dwellers. The aforementioned common mop types offer the easiest way to clean the respective areas without the chances of cross-contamination and leaving traces of unattended dirt.


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