Choosing the Right Mop: 7 Things You Need to Know

Cleaning is a never-ending process that not only cleans a household but also ensures to sustain a healthier ambiance. It is not possible to clean the house every hour as the dirt and germs can enter even after following various precautionary measures. However, minor vigilance can pave a path to a cleaner habitat in spite of the adversities imposed by dirt. One such step is to clean floor using the right mop.

Basics of a Mop

The moment you hear about a mop, the first thing that comes to your mind is the hassle associated with its usage. However, with time there has been major advancement in cleaning techniques and also in the production of mopping equipment. There are three basic types of mop which are utilized in diversified areas to get the most from the cleaning process. Let us have a look at those:

  • Rag or Sponge Mop– This mop is used to seal and apply wax on various surfaces.
  • All-in-One Mop– This mop is best suited for touch-ups and quick cleaning.
  • String Mop– This mop is perfect to soak big spills and cover a huge surface area while mopping.
    You can either choose one that suits your requirements the best or can keep all the three mops in your stock to use for various purposes.

Mop types

Tools for Mopping

Mopping is accomplished successfully if you are aware of the tools to work perfectly with the right mop. The inevitable tools required while during the cleaning process are buckets, mild nylon scrubs, all purpose cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, and disposable rubber gloves. These janitorial supplies assure that the area is cleaned while your hands are saved from getting soiled or damaged.

Frequency of Mopping

You must be wondering, what is the correct frequency to mop the various areas of your house? In order to understand it in a better way, it is essential to segregate the areas as per the accessibility. Daily mopping is required in the areas that receive a higher traffic like the bathroom, hallways, entrance, and kitchen. On the other hand, rooms that are not used frequently like the guest room, formal living spaces, and others can be mopped once a week. However, you can touch-up the areas you feel are dirty at any point in time.

7 Points to Consider Before Selecting the right Mop

If you are a novice in this genre, every mop will appear similar to you. On the contrary, selecting an appropriate mop may impose a challenge as failing to do so can damage the mop and waste your effort. In order to get your hands on the perfect mop, there are a few points which you must consider:

1. Material of the Mop

Mops can be made of various materials, such as cotton, synthetic blend, microfiber, or rayon. Therefore,the selection must be done as per your necessity.
Rayon mop heads dries quickly and doesn’t shrink when it comes in contact to water. It is best for mopping at the very end to dry the surface due to its low water retention capabilities.
Cotton mop heads, on the other hand, have the best water retention and absorption capacity which ensures faster cleaning of the floors. However, these may lint and shrink with time. Synthetic blend mop heads offer top-notch performance and are highly durable.

microfiber mop

2. Kinds of Mop Ends

Mop ends can either be have a cut or loop end. Cut end mops are more affordable but not durable. It is preferable for daily cleaning and loses strands in due course.
Loop end mops may cost you more but produces a better result with lesser effort. These are compatible with machine wash and don’t fray easily with use.

3. Weight of the Mop

There are numerous mops that claim to produce greater results but are extremely heavy. This imposes difficulty and doesn’t offer a thorough cleaning of the surface. Selecting a mop with a standard weight that the person incharge of cleaning carry and move around easily.

4. Mop Tailbands & Headbands

While mop tailbands don’t allow the yarns to tangle the headbands are used with slide-in mop handles. The selection of the right mop must be done depending on the mop handle and for the ease of handling.

5. Anti-Microbial Mops

As the name suggests, these mops reduce bacteria infestation and germs on the surface of the floor, ensuring hygienic cleaning.

6. Finish Mops

These mops are visually appealing with white, green, or blue candy stripes. As the name suggests, these mops are used to attain the finest finish and flawless gleam on the clean surface.

Summing Up
Mopping is a daily chore and should be accomplished with proper strategies to get a perfectly clean surface while reducing the effort. Implementing the aforementioned tips during the selection of the right mop fetches enhanced outcome while taking care of your budget.

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