Checkout a Right Cleaning Checklist for Your Restroom

We expect our Weekends to come with lots of excitements. In fact, we all start every brand new week in the hope of a relaxing weekend. Do you get your weekend relaxing and happy all the time? I don’t think so. Last weekend, I was just going to take the first sip of my black coffee in the morning, then a sudden blood-curdling shout made me terrified. I went to my balcony and discovered that it was nothing but my neighbor Mrs Joyce’s reminder to her husband. They were quarreling over restroom cleaning. Yes, that’s my point. Weekend does not come only with parties, relaxations and long drives. This is the time when you need to spend quality time on the cleaning of your home. Well, not only Mr and Mrs Joyce, we all try to run away from restroom cleaning. But, in order to lead a healthy life, we must keep our restroom clean.

My neighbors’ quarrel acted like a food of thought for me. At that moment, I decided to pen down an article on how to make this task of restroom cleaning easier. In this article, I am going to discuss everything you need to get a clean restroom, from cleaning supplies to an effective checklist. First of all, let me point out certain places in a restroom which are the breeding-ground of harmful germs.

Most Affected Areas in a Restroom

  • Toilet seats and urinal handles
  • Urinal Screens
  • Sinks and Fixtures

Now let’s find out an effective cleaning supplies checklist that will make your task easy and more than perfect.

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

I. Chemical Cleaning

You should never run short of chemical cleaning products. These are perhaps the most important tool for restroom cleaning. Now, let’s find out which cleaning supplies you should stock in your inventory.

1. A General All-Purpose Disinfectant

An effective all-Purpose disinfectant cleans the floors, most of the surfaces and the countertops. It keeps your restroom free of germs. Foaming All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner would be a good choice for you.

2. Shower Tub or Tile Cleaner

You can use a branded shower or tile cleaner on mineral deposits, scale buildup, even on the soap scum. Usually, this kind of cleaner is acidic or toxic. So, it works good to remove the germs from your restroom.

3. Bowl Cleaner

You may stock multiple bowl-cleaners for your restroom. Non-acidic bowl cleaner is enough for you. If you find heavier buildup, you can use acid bowl cleaners because heavy buildup requires extra power that can make a dirty toilet look like a new one. In this context, it is important to note that overuse of acidic cleaner can damage your fixtures.

4. Glass Surface

Restroom is incomplete without a mirror. Regularly wash your mirror with a glass or surface cleaner. There might be other glass surfaces as well. You need to clean every glass surface to get a hygienic and beautiful restroom.

II. Other Vital Cleaning Supplies

1. Microfiber Mop Heads

Microfiber mop heads have magnetic quality that helps you remove the dirt from the core of your surface. These heads you can place on the top of your mops to reach the places where your hands can’t reach.

2. Damp and Dry Cloths

Keep a damp and dry cloth ready for wetting surfaces. You should always keep everything in your restroom dry with this cloth. In this way, you can assure that all the dirt is picked up and removed from the surface.

3. Scrubbing Sponge

Often soils get embedded into the surface easily. To deal with such dirt, you should use a scrubbing sponge. You need a sponge that is not too abrasive. An abrasive sponge can spoil the surfaces.

4. Metal Spatula

Spatula helps you reach the corner-sides that are not easy-to-reach. You can wrap a cloth around a metal spatula to avoid scratching; then, clean any hard-to-reach area with this spatula.

5. Toothbrush

It is difficult to reach some tight places. In such cases, you can use a toothbrush. Toothbrush is an ideal stuff for scrubbing. The effective stiffer bristles of a toothbrush offer a better cleaning in the tight areas ( like around the faucet handles).

6. Razor Blade

With the help of a razor blade, you can scrap and remove materials from hard surfaces. Before using a razor blade, make sure that your surface is wet, and the razor you are using is clean.

7. Plastic Bags

You should always keep plastic bags ready on your hand for debris and trash.

A Final Takeaway

You don’t need to sacrifice your whole weekend for the sake of cleaning. If you use proper cleaning or janitorial supplies, you can complete your so-called daunting task quite easily. If you want to enjoy your weekend, keep a schedule ready for the coming weekend. If you perform tasks like restroom cleaning in an organized way, then it will take less time. So, your cleaning program and weekend fun will not clash with each other further.

Do you need any assistance regarding janitorial supplies? Let us know! We are always ready at your service!

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