What Are the Best Ways to Clean a Mop?

Cleaning and sanitizing is an integral part of your daily life, which imposes a positive effect on everyone’s health. In this endeavor, a mop can prove to be your finest companion. Have you even thought to clean a mop? How to initiate the process of cleaning with various janitorial tools? In this blog, we will give a few tips to clean a mop head effectively. This will not only enhance the longevity of the same but will also result in an enhanced cleaning.

Types & Sizes of Mops

Due to the ease of access and cleaning, the market never ceases to offer a gamut of varieties, which include dry and wet mops. These are even available in various sizes to reach the difficult corners of the ceiling and floor. Though these help in cleaning the different areas of the house, the mops also demand diversified cleaning processes.

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Is It Essential to Clean a Mop?

The mop head is the dirtiest item of the household and is rarely cleaned. Depriving a mop of the cleaning process depletes the efficiency of the janitorial supply and it tends to get damaged sooner. Hence, it is imminent to clean a mop at a regular interval of time.

Things to Remember While Cleaning a Mop Head

The implementation of the correct cleaning process aids in a seamless cleaning. Let us have a look at the tips to implement the cleaning of a mop head:

  • Wash the new mop head before using

Every mop head is incorporated with a coating, which may cause hindrances in the cleaning process. Therefore, washing a new mop head is important.

  • Rinsing after every use

In order to get an unblemished surface after the daily cleaning routine, it is suggested to clean the mop head after every use. Remove the wet mop head and rinse it under the flowing water till it comes out clean. Dip and soak it in bleach or vinegar-diluted water and rinse again after 10 minutes. Drip the excess water and let it dry under the sun.

  • Rigorous washing

It is important to ensure that the mop is washed properly to restrict the cleaning chemicals from getting mixed with each other.

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  • Don’t keep the mop unattended

Don’t allow the mop to soak for more than 10 minutes as it may damage the mopping fabric.

  • Electrical gadget to clean wet mop head

You can even wash the soiled mop head in the dishwasher or washing machine to reduce your effort.

  • Cleaning the dry mop

Shaking off the loose dust from the dry mop is the easiest way to get rid of the dirt. However, this must be done outside your home, unless can create a greater mess.

  • Don’t dip it in chemicals

Never use dry mop head in chemicals or oily surfaces to avoid damages.

  • Don’t use chemicals on dry mop head

Dry mop head must be dipped in warm water and a mild detergent after shaking off the loose dust. Using chemicals or bleach may harm the sensitive cleaning fibers.

  • Inspect every mop head monthly

It is important to check the quality of individual mop head every month to ensure extracting the most from the cleaning process.

  • Dry it thoroughly

Make sure to dry every mop head before storing it to discard the chances of developing mold.

  • Never wring a mop head

Allow water to drip from a mop head rather than twisting it to remove the water. This may break the strands of the mops.

  • Opt for different colors

Use diversified colored mops for cleaning various surfaces to help identify the heads and avoid cross-contamination.

  • Cleaning microfiber mop head

A microfiber mop head is preferred for the ease of cleaning and maintenance. It not only dries quickly but also can be cleaned seamlessly with hands or in a washing machine.

  • Wash all the mops separately

Wash the diversified mops separately as different fabrics need specified care.

The conventional pattern of mopping and cleaning the household is replaced by the latest mopping equipment. This has contributed to a perfectly cleaned surface that is free of germs. Sanitizing the mop heads is as important as cleaning the entire house. This helps eradicate the chances of contaminating the dwelling area. Hence, clean a mop head daily to bestow your house with a dash of professionalism which a dirty mop fails to provide.

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