Best Cleaning Tips to Get Spotless Carpet

Do you have a wide collection of carpets like me? I know how frustrating is it when you find a stain on one of your favorite carpets. Few days ago, I arranged a party to celebrate Easter with my family and friends. Obviously, I chose the best carpet from my collection for this occasion. My little ones were playing with their friends and suddenly my youngest one threw the cake on my carpet. Well, kids started their favorite game of throwing cake to each other. You can understand what was my reaction! I’m sure, you, too have similar experiences. Today, I am going to tell you how you can remove these carpet stains. Let me tell you that I had managed to remove the stain from my carpet. How did I do this? With which carpet machine or carpet cleaning? Let’s find out.

How to Remove Different Carpet Stains

Cake Stains

Cake stains are really obstinate. But, it is not impossible to remove these stains. I am telling you three ways that you can try:

1. In order to remove these stains, take a knife and try to scoop up the excess cake frosting on the carpet. You can use your finger or a wet/dry vacuum to clear other food particles. Next, add a few water drops and blot the entire area with a paper towel.

2. You may make a cleaning solution to remove the stain. Add one part of white vinegar to four parts of warm water. Apply this solution on the stain and leave it for few minutes. Vinegar breaks down the stain easily.

3. Blot the stain repeatedly with a paper towel or a clean white cloth. Continue this step until the stain gets faded.

Blood Stains

Blood stains take a lot of time to be removed from the carpet. We have a number of ways to deal with blood stains:

1. Always remember to use cold water to clean blood stains from carpet because blood coagulates with heat, and cold stops the blood from entering into the carpet fiber.

2. You can fill a spritzer a bottle with 2 table spoon of a liquid dish detergent that can fight against grease. Now, spray it on the stain. Moisten it gently. Take a paper towel and blot the spot. Repeat the process until the spot disappears.

Pet Stains

Pet owners face this challenge of removing pet stains from carpets regularly. This is no doubt frustrating, more frustrating is the odor caused by pet stain. Apply these methods to get rid of the odor and spot caused by pet stains.

1. If you find debris on your carpet, first of all, pick it up with gloves and throw it into the dustbin. If it is wet, use the blot method discussed above to clean it. This method will help to soak up the moisture without smearing it or rubbing it.

2. If you find that the stain already gets dried on the carpet fiber, simply moisten it. Next, you need to use a carpet stain cleaning product that is made especially for pet stains.

3. In order to neutralize the odor and the spot, you should spray white vinegar to deal with the odor. Add ¼ cup of vinegar to a quart of warm water and use this mixture on the stain. Leave it for a couple of minutes to let the vinegar soak the stain. After this, perform the blot technique until you find the stains faded.

4. You may mix a quart of water with an effective laundry detergent. Keep it in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet stains. Keep it for few minutes to be soaked and then see the magic.

Ink Stains

We all know that ink stains can ruin fabrics and carpets. To get your carpet spotless, you need to do some really easy tasks

1. You need to dampen a clean white cloth with isopropyl alcohol and then, dab the wet cloth on the stain. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing because it can spread the ink.

2. You can also try nail polish removers, and certain hair-sprays to remove the ink spot from your carpet.

Apart from the tips discussed above, a standard carpet machine can help you maintain the beauty of your carpets. You can also look for a carpet shampoo machine to make your task easier.

Final Takeaway:

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have come to know how you can keep your carpet beautiful. So, now don’t stop your kids to play or scold your dog for making a stain on your carpet. Apply the methods discussed above to witness the magical outcomes!

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