Antimicrobial Packaging Supplies Help Fight Infectious Listeria

The bacteria that cause Infectious Listeria can lurk in any meat product. This can be especially hazardous in pre-packaged meats that are designed to be eaten without any additional cooking. The good news is that there are packaging supplies that may soon be available that can greatly reduce the risk of Listeria infection.
In recent studies conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia, it was found that packaging supplies treated with a combination of two antimicrobial agents drastically reduced the growth of Listeria microbes in pre-packaged ham.?More testing needs to be done, but the results so far have been very promising.

These agents work by changing the atmosphere within the package.?This makes the environment one that does not support the growth of the microbes but is not in any way harmful to human beings.?This is necessary because no matter how much or how high the quality of the cleaning supplies that are used to clean the packaging plant, it is impossible to kill all of the bacteria.

This is, of course, great news for the?businesses that produce and sell meat products. A single positive test for Listeria bacteria can trigger a massive recall.?This is not only very costly, but it can also permanently damage the company’s reputation.

More importantly, these antimicrobial packaging supplies can prevent?people from getting sick. Listeria can be a devastating illness that is often misdiagnosed and can be hard to treat.

For those who purchase ready to eat meat products, either for their own use or for others to eat, this is good news indeed.? Packaging supplies that can help keep the public safe are great news for all involved.

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