Amazon Customer Says She Was Charged Over $7K to Ship Toilet Paper

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Two Amazon customers are complaining that they were charged outrageous prices to ship everyday household paper products.

Georgia resident Barabara Carroll told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV that she was charged $7,000 after placing an order for toilet paper in March.

Carroll is a building manager who takes care of janitorial needs, and she placed an order for three boxes of toilet paper to be delivered to her home, she told WSB-TV. When she checked her bank statement days later, she noticed a charged for more than $7,500, she said.

Carroll then checked her order history on the site, which stated that the three cases of toilet paper cost $88.17, but the shipping was a whopping $7,455, she told WSB-TV.

toilet paper
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Though she was shocked, Carroll figured Amazon’s customer service would take care of the mix-up.

“After I screamed, I thought, ‘Oh this is not a problem, this is Amazon, and Amazon will take care of it,'” she said.

However, Carroll said Amazon did not refund her the money because she purchased the toilet paper from a third-party seller, Carroll told WSB-TV.

“The hardest part is that Amazon doesn’t stand behind their third-party sellers,” she said.

Amazon said Carroll was refunded.

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A Tennessee couple told CBS Nashville affiliate WTVF that they bought paper plates just before Christmas for $24 and didn’t notice until months later that they were charged more than $1,000 for expedited shipping.

Lorie Galloway said she is an Amazon Prime member and doesn’t “order anything unless it’s free shipping.”

Galloway was charged $1,080 to ship one package of paper plates, she said.

When Galloway called Amazon, the customer service representative was floored at the high charge for the plates, which were shipped to Tennessee from Atlanta.

Amazon opened an investigation into the case, but later told Galloway that she was not overcharged for the transaction, WFTV reported.

“If it would have said a thousand and something dollars, I would have noticed that,” Galloway told the station.

paper plates
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Amazon told Galloway that the seller was dismissed after similarly charging other customers, according to WFTV. Galloway disputed the charge with her credit card company but said she recently received word that she would be refunded.

Galloway said she’s disappointed in the service she received from Amazon and will re-think whether to order from there again.

“If they are not going to take care of their customers, why should I order from them again?” she told WFTV.

Amazon policy prohibits its sellers from establishing “excessive shipping fees,” according to a guideline for sellers. Amazon took action against the seller of the plates, according to a spokesperson.

In a statement, Amazon said it “is constantly innovating and improving our customer experience. If customers have concerns or feedback, we encourage them to contact our Customer Service.”

Article Source: Yahoo

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