9 Top Summer Cleaning Tips for Maintaining Cleanliness in Food Service Areas

Ensuring to maintain the hygienic environment at the food service establishments can drive the customers. As soil and debris from people walking in and out are continuous, cleaning the floors of food service areas is always a challenging task. Cleaning supplies, including floors, windows, mats, and utensils, can prevent infections and food poisoning. As the summer begins, many restaurants have their rooftop areas and patios opened for their customers.  Likewise, many food service establishments, who plan the menu of best summer dishes to excite their guests, must also ensure to keep their supplies and food service areas clean.

Here are top 9 summer cleaning tips for you to guide you in maintaining cleanliness.

1. Entryways

Many restaurants spread large mats at the entrance to avoid dust being carried inside. But, staff must ensure that the process of brushing and moping takes place frequently in the opening hours. During rough summer days, debris, cigarette fragments etc. may get accumulated on door mats. And as entrances of any food junction or restaurant shape strong impressions about the quality of them among customers, so make sure that entrance areas remain tidy always.

2. Windows glasses

Keeping your windows and glasses of restaurants, including display cases and counters, free from dust and finger prints can easily catch the attention of many guests. Whenever any customer sits near the window, feels like taking a glance of outside through window panes, any form of dust or untidiness can give rise to questions in his mind about hygienic maintenance of the place. Therefore, ensure that your staff cleans these window glasses meticulously.

3. Outdoors

Vacuum clean the outdoor dining areas such as porticos, rooftops, and patios regularly. Ensure to check for bugs, spider webs, leaves, and other wastes around the dining tables, umbrellas, and entryways.

4. Cleaning of Carpets

Use of carpets at entrances, receptions, and sometimes in dining places enhances the charm of your restaurant interior. After all, carpets are an epitome of ostentatious luxury, this is exactly what persuades customers to have an experience of your place. Regular cleaning of carpets is required to maintain their glow as well as to keep your food place tidy.  Besides, this will prevent the floors from getting muddy. If you want to run a profitable business, provide your customers with a healthy environment, most importantly assure them of the same.

5. Restrooms

Proper cleaning of restrooms avoids any contagion spreading to utensils and food service areas. In many restaurants, employees and visitors share the same restroom. In such cases, restrooms shall be cleaned thoroughly. For professional cleanliness, choose the best janitorial supplies and mopping equipment out of the heavy lot of products in the market.

6. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies such as utensils, glasses, plates, and other equipment symbolize a healthier ambiance. Also, ensure that these are free from bad odors, grease, and finger prints. Dining tables shall be cleaned using damped cloth and soap water before arranging these on the tables. Also, employees should wear disposable wears, hairnets, dust masks, ear plugs, and protective gloves with trimmed nails for the safety of themselves and for creating a good impression on customers.

7. Sidewalks

Never forget to clean the sidewalks. Food grease, dust, gum, and other types of dirt get accumulated on the restaurant sidewalks. Every area of the food service establishments needs to be cleaned to look radiant and attractive. Bulk cleaning supplies such as cleaning windows, sidewalks, and entrances are done by professionals in many restaurants.

8. Furniture

The furniture shall be checked regularly for any wear and tear. In case if you find rats or cockroaches in the furniture, take necessary measures to eliminate them immediately. This will erase the possibilities food poisoning.

9. Clean Water Supply

During summer, people get exhausted sooner. Ensure that your restaurants have clean water in restrooms. Make certain to check for any dripping or clogging especially in restrooms and kitchens. Having a preparedness plan during power outages can help the customers to experience good quality service of the restaurant.


Every restaurant must ensure that they recruit only serious and dedicated employees who will never compromise with cleanliness and hygiene. One of the best practices employed in food service area is disinfection of tables and furniture. Ensure to train employees regarding cleanliness and food safety, and insist employees on adhering to the system.
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