9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Restaurant Using the Right Janitorial Supplies

Spring is knocking the door, which means it’s time to start spring cleaning. Restaurants must maintain a clean and hygienic environment to comply with the stringent health and safety rules laid down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Apart from that, a clean and safe restaurant also ensures the highest possible standard of consumer and employee safety.

Although keeping a place clean is for our own good, we seldom like or enjoy the activity. No matter how we feel, spring cleaning with the right janitorial supplies is a must for every restaurant and eatery. Restaurant managers and owners can involve all the employees in the spring cleaning and make it a fun activity with foot-tapping music and good food.

To make the work easy, this article will outline easy spring cleaning tips which are easy to incorporate while cleaning the restaurant.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Restaurant

  1. Wash the Exteriors

    With winter bidding us adieu, the snow melts away due to the rising temperature. The exteriors of restaurants get covered in mud, grime, dirt, and many more residual elements which could be harmful to our health. The only way to get rid of such dirt is to power wash the outside of the restaurant. Also, make sure that there are no major cracks or holes at the entrance of the restaurant to prevent consumers from tripping and falling down.

  1. Deep Clean the Floors

    All through the winter season, the consumers have trooped into the restaurants in their winter boots, bringing in snow, slush, mud, grime, and quite possible innumerable harmful pathogens. No matter how many times you cleaned your floors during the winter, do not forget to do the same during spring cleaning as well. Use janitorial supplies such as an all-purpose cleaner and brooms to conduct a thorough wash. You can also use vacuum cleaners to do the cleaning if the establishment is too big to cover manually.

  2. Clean the Lighting and Other Electrical Fixtures

    While cleaning, we often tend to miss out the lighting and electrical fixtures of the establishment. However, these too require thorough cleaning and inspection. Start by inspecting all the lighting in your kitchen, washroom, main dining area, and storage to filter out the ones which need to be replaced. Then proceed to clean the others with an effective commercial degreaser and a microfiber cloth to prevent dust or grime buildup.

  1. Deep Clean Restrooms

    Be it our home or any public space, the restrooms contain the maximum amount of germs and harmful pathogens, which should be deep cleaned using cleansers, disinfectants, and sanitizers. Although you may clean the restrooms of your restaurant regularly, these are the hot zones where maximum bacteria infestation takes place. The restrooms must be given deep cleaning especially at the end of winter and the start of spring using the above-mentioned janitorial supplies.

  1. Clean Kitchen Hood

    The kitchen hood is an expensive equipment critical for the functioning of a restaurant. Thus, special efforts must be made for cleaning it. The best and the easiest way of cleaning a kitchen hood is by using steam. However, there are special cleaners and degreasers in the market, which can also be used to clean the kitchen hood.

  1. Deep Clean the Main Dining Area

    Customers form their first impression of the restaurant from the main dining area. So, it is essential to clean and beautify that space thoroughly. Ensure that the chairs, tables, carpets, table linens are clean and tidily placed. Additionally, also clean the salt and pepper shakers, flower vases, windows, and curtains. A clean and hygienic environment promotes positivity and also uplifts our mood.

  1. Clean the Bar Area

    While some restaurants comprise of only the main dining area, many consists of a separate bar area, with a medium to long bar table and bar stools. Cleaning the bar is as important as cleaning the dining space. The most common types of dirt that are seen are spills on the bar table. So, ensure that you wipe the bar table clean with an effective cleanser and a microfiber cloth before and after a guest arrives or leaves.

  1. Wash Table Linens, Carpets, and Curtains

    Stand in the middle of your restaurant and take a look around. Have the curtains been hung for too long? Are the linens getting dull from being washed too many times? Do the interiors look old and dull? Ask these questions to yourself as a restaurant manager and if they are all a resounding “YES!” then plan a spring overhaul. If the curtains and carpets are not too old to replace, then get them cleaned thoroughly using the right vacuum cleaner. However, if you have been planning to redecorate the interiors, this would be a perfect time to do so.

  1. Clean out the Ventilation System

    The ventilation system is the uncredited lifesaver of your restaurant. All the steam, unpleasant smell and odors are pulled in by the ventilator, quickly saving the chefs and the guests from being exposed to it. Unlike homes, a large quantity of food is cooked in the commercial kitchens. Thus, the amount of steam, oil, and odors emitted is also high. It is essential to spring clean the ventilation system and decrease the containers, air belts, and other essential parts of the system so that the equipment can run for years.

Bottom Line

While spring cleaning acts as a reminder to tidy up the restaurant, it is essential for the managers to maintain the regular upkeep of the establishment. Deep and thorough cleaning will only be possible if the staff is using the right janitorial supplies during the cleaning process. Hopefully, the tips enlisted in the article will help you in your spring cleaning activity

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