7 Tips To Keep Your Office Clean And Germ-Free This Winter

A clean office not only boosts positivity but also prevents pathogen infiltration. With the influenza season going strong and nasty it is crucial to protect the employees from falling sick suddenly and disrupting day-to-day operations.

The current flu season has hit the U.S. hard. Trouble started brewing back in 2017 November and December, when it was found that the flu vaccine administered to all was ineffective against a range of viruses, especially the H3N2 strain. CDC in its 2017-2018 Fluview report stated that there was a sharp increase in the influenza activity in the United States in the second week of 2018, which ended on January 13, 2018.

With the influenza season hitting the red line, it is essential for all companies and enterprises to ensure that the work premises are clean and germ-free, this winter. Before we delve into the tips of effectively cleaning your office, first you would need to get your janitorial cart ready with the right cleaning supplies.

What to put in your Janitorial cart for Cleaning your Office Space?

Thanks to the extreme cold weather, people prefer staying inside during winters. This makes office cleaning a bit more difficult than it already is. However, the right cleaning supplies can ensure that the office stays as germ-free as possible. The janitorial supplies mentioned below will help the housekeeping effectively clean the work premises of any organization.

  • Latex Industrial Gloves

  • Dust Masks

  • All Purpose Cleaners

  • Sanitizers

  • Disinfectants

  • Carpet Vacuums

  • Microfiber Dust Mops

  • Straight Squeegees

  • Glass Cleaners

  • Trash Can Liners

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Germ-free in Winter

Did you know that 25 percent of the water cooler buttons and doorknobs in offices host a range of bacteria that can cause serious illnesses? The chances of pathogen cross-contamination in offices are always high and reach the maximum level during winters, thanks to the influenza season. The below-discussed cleaning tips will help you keep the germs at bay especially during the winter season.

  • Create a Cleaning Strategy: Unlike homes, office spaces are much bigger in size, including several departments. It is important to plan out the cleaning process before going about it. A scientific approach to the task will ensure that it is finished in time without being too labor intensive. Each cleaning personnel must be assigned a specific area and allotted a definite period of time to complete the work. Making the process time-bound will ensure that the cleaning process does not drag on for days or hours.

  • Disinfect Everything: Apart from disinfecting restrooms and washrooms, apply the chemical on all common touch points of the office, such as keyboards, doorknobs, phones, desks, chairs, switches, and many more. Disinfectants not only kill the harmful microorganisms but also delay the arrival of these pathogens. Constant disinfecting will ensure that the office space is germ-free.

  • Clean the Air Vents: To prevent the office from turning into the Arctic, the doors and windows stay tightly shut. While this helps the workspace to stay warm and cozy, the air quality also goes down with too many people inhaling and exhaling the same air. To prevent the spreading of airborne disease, it is essential to properly clean all the air vents of the office.

  • Fill the Janitorial Cart with the Right Cleaning Supplies: The housekeeping department must keep in check the janitorial supplies stocked in the cart to ensure that none of the essential items are missing. The absence of proper sanitation supplies during the cleaning process breaks the workflow. The management must locate a wholesale janitorial supplier near the office to avoid wasting time getting janitorial supplies delivered during emergency situations such as these.

  • Place Mats At The Entrance of the Office and Restroom: A comprehensive floor mat placement system at the entrance and exit of the office and also in front of the restrooms can act as the first line of defense against the entry of harmful microorganisms. During winters people bring in ice, mud, slush, and snow on the sole of their shoes when they enter the office. A plastic mat will help in collecting as much debris as possible before they enter the workplace. Similarly, floors mats covering the entrances of restrooms will ensure that the dirty water is not distributed all over the office flooring, contaminating the workspace with pathogens.

  • Clean the Windows Thoroughly: The long, chilling winters make us long for some sunshine every day. Clean windows not only allow those rare rays of sunlight come into the office but also brings in an unadulterated supply of vitamins and cozy heat for everyone. Apart from that natural light induces positivity in the environment, increasing the productivity of employees.

  • Allot Maximum time in Cleaning Restrooms: The maximum amount of germs and pathogens reside in the restrooms. Thus, the cleaning staff must give priority to the restrooms and allocate maximum cleaning time for these spaces. To thoroughly clean the restrooms, the janitorial staff must allow the disinfects to dwell on the surfaces for some time before cleaning and sanitizing the place.

In Conclusion:

A dirty and unclean office is not only unhygienic but also influences the productivity of the employees negatively. While it is not possible to completely sterilize the workspace, the office manager must put in his best efforts to keep the workspace as clean as possible using the right janitorial supplies.

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