6 Witty Ideas of Saving Money While Buying Janitorial Supplies for Health Care

Sanitation and cleanliness are of utmost importance in healthcare domain. Cleanliness is essential to create a safe environment and garner customer satisfaction. Every healthcare facility has a janitor room containing the janitor supplies. Preparing budget is one of the fundamental processes of any organization before the commencement of a new session. The budget for janitorial supplies is often taken very casually. Only towards the closure of the session, one may realize that this cleanliness budget has exceeded its limit. This makes the janitorial budget a critical one.

Given below are a few tips that can help to make every janitorial budget reasonable:

1. Pre-Order the Supplies

Not all the components of a janitor room are going to be used and perished at the same time. Many times, we tend to purchase an item after its stock gets exhausted completely. This purchase is triggered with a sense of urgency to refill the stock. An urgency amounts to a search of ‘janitorial supplies near me’ and immediate payment that will always cost high. To keep a check on such purchase, get into the habit of checking the inventory regularly. This regularity will always keep you informed of the perishing item in advance. Advance purchase can be done with price negotiations and budget adherence.

2. Order in Bulk

Always try to purchase commodities in bulk, in advance, and from the same vendor. You can search the phrase ‘janitorial supplies near me’ on the Internet so that you can get in touch with the nearest supplier. It would be better to have tie-ups with one supplier and negotiate with them to provide you rebates and offers on your purchase. Ordering in bulk from your fixed vendor will always yield a bill cheaper than that of an individual purchase.

3. Trust the Traditional Supplies

Today the janitorial supplies ecosystem in the market is flooded with a number of products and alternatives. The companies that manufacture these supplies keep appending their existing stocks with a higher price and new ingredients, which sometimes hardly add to the impact of the product. A campaign of flashy advertisements is initiated to attract and convince the buyers. New products with specialty tags sometimes are nothing more than two steps of manual work. For example, diluted version of many disinfectants is available with a price higher than the traditional concentrated version. The matter of fact is that the concentrated liquid can be diluted with minimal efforts. So, why pay more? We should not be maneuvered by the new entrants and should stick the older and trusted ones. Convenience or brand name should not prompt you to make new purchases.

4. Maintain the Cleaning Routine

Cleaning the healthcare space every day is a mandate. Sometimes, due to our own lethargic behavior, we overlook certain crucial areas in healthcare establishments. Also, the corners difficult to reach are devoid of daily cleanliness. As a result, stains are being developed with layers of dirt accumulated on these areas. Daily used disinfectants and cleansers fail to penetrate these stains and we are compelled for a new purchase of disinfectant with special ingredients and action. Such purchases are unplanned and over budget.

Washrooms, medical disposal, and defecating areas are prone to attract and entrap bacteria. Unclean and unhygienic areas encourage foul smell and ultimately, diseases. Again, a need of better air cleaner and disinfectant arises. Routine cleaning keeps these areas hygienic along with a check on expensive cleaners.

5. Use Multipurpose or Reusable Items

In our homes, we are accustomed to using a variety of cleaners and cleaning equipment for a different area. There are different cleaners for dishes, washrooms, and floor. Similarly, we employ a different variety of mops to dust and clean the floor, tiles, tables etc. While this is a good cleaning method at home, it may cost you a huge expense in large spaces like healthcare facilities. Cleaning should be very frequent and on large scale here. Try to purchase multipurpose mops, disinfectants, and other items. For example, one disinfectant can be used in different concentrations for a variety of cleaning. You should get into the habit of reusable mops and dusters. They save a lot of overhead expenses.

6. Go Smart instead of Attractive

Though good décor is influential it is wise to be a money saving at the same time. Choose your décor wisely. Use brown roll towels instead of white. They are cheaper and have the same efficiency. They are manufactured in a more eco-friendly way. You can switch to foam soaps instead of liquid soaps. They are equally effective and reasonable. Small changes in the cleanliness supplies have the potential to create a huge difference in the budget.


With all the cleanliness and hygiene, we end up at disposal of the used items. The disposal habits need to be appended and regularly monitored. Any trash lying around in the janitor room may mislead you about its availability. Get rid of all the trashes on the daily or weekly basis. In case of budget cuts, try adjustments in your cleaning schedule rather than your items. Technology, tools, a search of the phrases like ‘janitorial supplies near me’ can help you with the cleaning equipment but not your budget. The tips provided above will guide you to a better budgeting of janitorial supplies.

Looking for more tips on cleaning and janitorial supplies? Keep an eye on the upcoming blogs!

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