6 Types of Packaging Materials Commonly Used in Every Industry

Proper packaging of goods before they are shipped is an important task in any industry. Packaging helps keep the contents secured and minimize breakage and leakage, and other possible types of damage. In the food industry, the right packaging can protect the food items from spoilage due to heat, germs, moisture, etc. and prevent deterioration of these perishable products.

Inappropriate packaging not only has a ruinous effect on the materials being transported but can also create a negative impact on the associated industry. It can ruin the good reputation that a business has earned over the years from its clients and customers. A regular consumer of a product can get discouraged and stop buying your item due to unfitting and poor packaging that leads to damage during transit.

A buyer forms his or her initial opinion of a product based on how effective and attractive the packaging is. When the commodities purchased have been delivered, a beautiful and durable package design will spark interest in the customer about your product. Products packed in easy-to-open packages made from suitable materials and decorated with attractive colors can help boost the reputation of your brand over those of your competitors.

All businesses that ship their products or transport them over long distances must emphasize quality packaging materials. As the shipping process of the items is not always in your control, choosing the right packaging material is quite essential for delivering them to the customer in good shape.

Here, take a look at six different types of packaging materials to help you make an informed decision about the sort of packaging material that will suit your products the best.

6 Types of Packaging Materials Preferred by Most Businesses

1. Plastic Pouch

Plastic envelopes or pouches are often used for packing items that need to be shipped or transported over long distances. These pouches are extensively used for wrapping valuables to transport them without the fear of damage or mutilation caused by tampering or adverse weather conditions. With multiple features and available in a variety of sizes, plastic envelopes are ideal for meeting all your packaging needs.

The commodities packed in the transparent plastic envelopes can be instantly visible to the customers, which facilitates easy identification of the parcels being delivered. Opaque pouches are also available, which obscure the contents from the view of outsiders. These types of packaging materials have an adhesive flap closure that is hot melt pressure sensitive and can help seal the packages permanently and in a convenient way. This flap is glued externally to the plastic surface of the pouch to close the packet. Plastic envelopes have to be torn or cut in order to be opened.

There are premium custom screen printing envelopes that can help strengthen your brand by displaying your logo on the surface. These wrappers are highly durable and reliable for transporting any products safely.

2. Courier Bags

When you need to store or send important or confidential papers and valuables, courier bags are an ideal solution. These are made from high-quality raw materials, which ensures great durability and resistance to wear and tear. Thus, transporting products in these courier bags ensures the safe transfer of goods and the intactness of the items.

There are several types of courier bags to fit your needs, like black courier bags, premium printed courier bags, tamper proof courier bags with bubble lining, and black or white plain courier bags. These courier bags come with transparent plastic POD jackets, inside which you can put any consignment notes, airway bills, invoices, or other documents. These courier bags are bubble lined to safely transfer semi-fragile items which are breakable. So, they provide adequate protection and are a secured means of transporting valuable products.

3. Bubble Courier Bags and Envelopes

Transferring semi-brittle items, such as glassware, electronics, etc. can be done in an easy and safe way by utilizing bubble bags and envelopes. These bags are designed to facilitate secure storage and transportation of delicate products. There is an additional bubble wrapping inside the bag to protect semi-fragile products from external pressure and impact. Bubble lined bags and envelopes are found in multiple sizes to meet your needs. These are available in a transparent or opaque form and may include POD jackets. Bubble lined bags are sealed with pressure sensitive hot melt closure flaps which have to be cut or torn open once secured.

Self-seal bubble bags, jiffy bags, and bubble padded screen printed envelopes are other options in this category of courier bags that can be chosen as per your requirement.

4. Corrugated Cartons and Boxes

Brittle and delicate items are difficult to handle and transport to distant places. Transporting them in plain corrugated boxes ensures risk-free shipping of these goods to their respective destinations. The customers find it convenient to unbox the items packed in these secondary packaging materials. Due to their toughness and high durability, these corrugated boxes are a safe and reliable means to store and transport delicate commodities over long distances.

5. BOPP Tapes

Biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) sticky tapes are ideal for sealing heavy-duty packages. Among all the adhesive tapes available, BOPP tapes are the most popular due to their unique features and strength. There are various types of BOPP packing tapes, like brown tapes, clear tapes, or custom designed, and business logo print tapes. All the packages sealed with these tapes are tamper-proof as they are resistant to temperature and moisture.

6. Plastic Bags

Plastic carry bags find extensive use in retail businesses, promotions, trade shows, advertisements, seminars, and exhibitions. These types of packaging materials can be effectively used for effectively branding your company or shop. Moreover, these carry bags can be used for giveaways during events. This packaging material comes with custom printing options that aid in creating a distinct identity for your business.

Final Takeaway

The diverse types of packaging materials mentioned above are extensively used worldwide. Having knowledge of their features and benefits will surely be advantageous in helping you select the right packaging material for your business.

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