5 Steps to Select the Right Trash Cans for Your Home

The right trash can, could make all the difference when it comes to versatility and convenience. Whether you have a nuclear family or a large family home, you need a trash can that not only suits your needs, but also is easy to maneuver.

  1. Size – Smaller homes don’t need large bulky trash cans. Trash receptacles come in various sizes and shapes for convenience. Know how much trash you generate on a weekly basis and buy accordingly. The same is true for garbage bags. Big bags can often lead to messy spills if they are too large for the receptacles you put them in.
  2. Right Trash Can

  3. Type – Bin type cans come with hinged lids that are easy to use, but aren’t capable of keeping out rodents or scavenger animals. Lid type cans have separate covers that snap on tightly and prevent animals from scattering trash around the area.
  4. Mobility – Larger bins come with wheels for easy mobility. If you have trouble lifting or maneuvering heavy cans, buy small or look for the appropriate size with wheels or an easy to roll cart.
  5. Durability – Look for cleaning supply a trash can that is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions as well as the rough treatment it may receive on the side of the curb. Trash cans often get tossed around by the trash men as they hurry to do their jobs.
  6. Color/Cause – Trash cans come in a variety of colors, including pink for breast cancer awareness. While not every company offers a variety of colors, you can always purchase your own if you are willing to pay a little extra.

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