5 Effective Tips to Choose Safe Cleaning Chemicals

I’m not going to tell you why you should clean your house. Come on! We all know the reasons. We, the modern people, are conscious enough about maintaining the hygiene of our house. Well, we all know that we should keep our house and establishment clean to get rid of germs and dangerous diseases. I would like to add a little more. Cleanliness has a strong impact on our mind. Yes, you are reading it right. A clean home can boost your mood. Let me explain in detail.

A report claims that a group of researchers has discovered that the impact of cleanliness on our mind is a very real fact. Another study, conducted by researchers and professors of Indiana University has claimed that people with clean houses are comparatively mentally healthier than the people living in a messy house. Many of us are feeling a bit down after doing a lot of parties throughout the long weekend, but this is the time you should come out of the party mood and clean your house ( I guess it is already messed enough after the Easter party). Once you shake off your laziness and start cleaning, you will not only get a hygienic environment but also an energetic state of mind. There are a number of articles that have already discussed what you should do for cleaning your home or how to choose right cleaning supplies for your home. Today, I will tell you how to choose safe and effective cleaning chemicals.

How to Choose Safe and Effective Cleaning Chemicals?

1. Check the Ingredients

First of all, look at the ingredients of the cleaning chemicals that you are going to purchase. You may find some products having no ingredients list. Avoid such products. It is very important to go through this ingredient list before purchasing cleaning products. There are some common ingredients that are not safe all the time though effective for cleaning purpose. These ingredients include:

  • Ammonia

Ammonia is no doubt a strong cleaner, but if you mix it with the wrong stuff, you might have to face difficulties.

  • Bleach & Triclosan

Overuse of the products containing bleach and triclosan invites bacteria that can destroy your resistant power and immune system.

  • Chlorine Bleach

It is a strong ingredient that can be irritant to our eyes and lungs. Therefore, it would always be better if you can avoid chlorine bleach.

Before buying cleaning chemicals, you should know which products can be dangerous for you. Look at the labels of the products you are going to buy. Try to avoid the products having terms like caution, danger, corrosive, irritant, warning, or poison printed on their labels.

2. Don’t Rely on the Labels Blindly

You have checked the labels and found that the product is “neutral” or “non-toxic”. If you are happy with this information, let me tell you that it is not enough. You should not believe everything printed on the labels of the products. Check the ingredients, and then judge whether it is safe for you or not!

3. Use Safe and Natural Alternatives Stored in Your Kitchen

You have nothing stored in your inventory to clean your home? Don’t worry! Until you are getting your cleaning supplies delivered at your doorsteps, you can clean your home with some safe and natural ingredients every kitchen possesses. What are these things? Let’s check out.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is very effective for cleaning a number of things. You can wash hard water, pet messes and many other things with baking soda. Just blend it with a little water and use this home-made cleaning solution to shine anything in your home.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar can help you in every kind of cleaning. If you are looking for general cleaning, white vinegar will do well. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for cleaning toilets, showers, sinks, and other places having hard water or mildew spots.

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another natural cleaner that works really good on cutting grease or stains.

4. Never Blend Cleaning Solutions

You might love to do experiments. That’s good! But, please, don’t blend your liquid cleaners to get better outcomes. The result, in reality, can be destructive. There are many ingredients that can trigger when blended. For instance, if you mix chlorine bleach with ammonia, the mixture will produce a toxic gas that can put you in danger. So, it would be better to follow the manufacturer’s guideline only.

5. Buy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning chemicals can drag us into danger if they are not chosen and used properly. Using green cleaning products is good both for you and the surrounding environment. Conventional cleaning products may cause chemical burns to your skin and eyes. Since green cleaners are not corrosive, these are safer than the chemical ones. Apart from these, the green cleaners need to meet strict standard regarding toxicity, skin absorption, and combustibility. These products help you clean your home in sound way reducing the risk of chemical spills. You would be surprised to know that these green products are less expensive than the chemical ones.

A Final Takeaway

It is true that a clean home is not a luxury but a necessity. In order to get a healthy and happy life, we should always keep our home clean and organized. In doing so, you should always take special care of the safety issues. Choose your cleaning supplies carefully, especially if you have kids in your home.

Is this article helpful for you? Let us know your feedback. Feel free to write to us if you have any other question regarding cleaning supplies.

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  1. These all 5 tips to choose safe cleaning chemical are very helpful. There are a lot of products for safe and effective cleaning. But you can also use Borax, Washing Soda, and Castile Soap for cleaning.

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