14 Janitorial Supplies for Effectively Cleaning Fitness Facilities

Fitness facilities such as gyms experience a huge amount of footfall all year round. Unlike other commercial spaces, people join gyms for exercising, burning calories, and being fit. With numerous individuals working out, sweating, and using same equipment on the same floor, every gym needs professional cleaning as the level of contamination here is way more than other public spaces, such as restaurants and offices. Not only the quality and variety of equipment offered in a gym but also its clean & hygienic environment persuades people to for its membership.

A member paying monthly rent to the gym management will certainly expect the workout area to be clean and tidy. An untidy and messy gym is a major turn-off for both the present and prospective clients. Maintaining a spic and span fitness facility is possible only if you are armored with the right cleaning supplies required to prevent cross-contamination.

Janitorial Supplies Checklist for Effectively Cleaning Fitness Facilities

It is important to know what kind of cleaning supplies would be best suited to carry out the task. This section will discuss the essential janitorial supplies checklist required to efficaciously clean fitness facilities.

  • Disinfecting Wipes:

    Disinfecting Wipes- colorxThe heart and soul of a gym are the machines and equipment of the facility. These supplies are constantly used by the members of the gym during their exercise. Thus there is a huge possibility that the machines, weights, benches, and all other devices are containing germs and harmful pathogens.

    It is not always possible for the cleaning staff to wipe down the equipment while the patrons are working out. So, stock some disinfectant wipes and keep them in easily accessible areas so that the members themselves can use them to wipe down gym weights or exercise machines before they start using them. This will help in keeping the equipment clean and would also prevent spreading of the germs.

  • Disinfectant Spray and Microfiber Towels:

    Disinfectant Spray


Given that most of the equipment in the gym is made of metal which can catch rust if coming in contact with water, disinfectant sprays are necessary to clean these machines. Spray on all possible touch points such as machine handlebars, treadmill controls, free weights, loops, ropes, and other places. Wipe them clean with microfiber towels.

  • Disposal Gloves

    disposable glovesStaff health and safety is as important as the cleanliness of the facility. Ensure that the cleaning staff wears disposable safety gloves before they start their work.

  • Mop, Bucket, and Broom:

    Janitorial-supplies-for-your-officeThese are possibly the most common and essential janitorial items required for cleaning. Before cleaning the whole facility with water, it is important to use the broom to clean the loose dust. Subsequent to that use the mop and bucket to further clean the area with water.

  • Floor Cleaners:

    Apart from the exercise equipment and workout area, the floors also need routine cleaning to prevent contamination. Skip the all-purpose cleaner and use a floor cleaner instead to wash away the germs from the area. It is essential to use the floor cleaner in the locker room as the members usually go there for changing discarding the sweaty workout wear. Furthermore, gym members often walk in the locker rooms with wet feet and a damped surface can be the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

  • Vacuum:

    12" Sanitaire Upright 7.0AmpInvesting in a heavy duty, a reliable vacuum is essential for maintaining the quality of carpets, rugs, exercise mats, and benches provided in a fitness facility. These areas should be cleaned every day to get rid of the dirt and germs left behind by the members during work out.

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners:

     bowl-cling-10-gal_1Cleaning the toilet bowls is as important as cleaning the whole bathroom. An unclean toilet bowl is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Apart from hosting harmful pathogens, a dirty toilet stinks, lending a negative impression on the members of the gym. While you use disinfectants on the floor and walls of the restroom, use toilet bowl cleaners to get rid of the more stubborn germs inside the urinal and commode.

  • Toilet Bowl Mops:

    toilet bowl mopRefrain from using the bathroom mops to clean toilet bowls and urinals, as well. First, the size and make of bathroom mops are not suitable to effectively clean toilet bowls and urinals. Second, using the same mop to clean both the bathroom floors and toilet bowls may lead to the highest level of cross-contamination of germs. The janitorial cart must always carry a toilet bowl mop to avoid spreading germs.

  • Rubber Floor Squeegee:

    Rubber Floor SqueegeeThis cleaning equipment is mainly used to clean a large amount of mud, debris, water, or any form of liquid dirt. Rubber floor squeegees are effective in cleaning all types of smooth surfaces and can thus be used to clean large volumes of dirty water in the shower cubicles and restrooms.

  • Wet and Dry Trash Bins:

    Providing trash cans at all corners of the facility, especially in the restrooms and locker rooms, will help to prevent unnecessary littering. It is also important to provide separate trash cans for dumping wet and dry waste, as it would make the recycling process much easier. Demarcate the cans so as not to get the gym members confused.

  • Trash Can Liners:

    low desnity trash linerChoose trash liners according to the size of the bin and can which it will be covering. Also ensure that the material of the liner has high tensile strength so that it can take the weight of the trash, especially the wet dump.

  • Shower Cleaners:

    While bathroom cleaners are perfect to clean the common areas of the restrooms and locker rooms, shower cleaners are crucial to getting rid of the more obstinate germs, usually found in the shower cubicles. Specialized shower cleaners are adept in efficaciously cleaning soap scum, rust, corrosion, stains, hard water deposits from shower cubicles, sinks, bathtubs, and more.

  • Disinfectants:

    It is a popular belief that cleansing and disinfecting are both the same. Although the two actions are related to each other, the functions are vastly different. While cleaning helps to remove harmful bacteria from the surfaces, the function of disinfectants is more effective and long-lasting. These chemicals clean the germs and delay their arrival. Ensure that you choose an antimicrobial disinfectant which is effective against major viruses and bacteria such as the HIV-1 virus, MRSA, TB, H1N1 virus, and more.

  • Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

    hand sanitizerWhile hand soap and sanitizers cannot be called a cleaning supply, it is essential to include them in this list as it helps in maintaining personal hygiene. To ensure the cleanliness of a fitness facility, one has to make sure that the members of the gym, as well as the staff, are provided necessary resources to maintain personal cleanliness. The maintenance staff must keep on ensuring that the restrooms and workout area are well equipped with hand soaps and sanitizers.

Final Takeaway:

Being the manager of the gym facility, it is your responsibility to maintain the highest level of cleanliness for preserving public safety. The above-mentioned janitorial supplies are an essential part of the cleaning cart and need to be present to thoroughly decontaminate the fitness floor.

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